The Nightmare Incident
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"You find yourself waking up on a chair inside a derelict bus station. Quickly you find that you aren’t alone inside as more people are seemingly having the same experience as you. Gathering your thoughts, you make your way out of the station. The town outside does not look any better than the bus station interior."
Game Number XX
Status Canon
Preceded by... Trouble in Paradise
Followed by... Brand of the Hawk
A Night in Terror Town began on October 15, 2017, and ended on November 16, 2017. It is based around an original concept.

When a group of unrelated individuals finds themselves in a mysterious ghost town, they quickly find themselves hunted by unknown horrors and a powerful entity, and task themselves with banding together to get out of the horrific nightmare.

It was hosted by Jeremi and can be found here.

Participants Edit

  • Akira Kurusu - Fourth Death
  • Bray Wyatt - Sixth Death
  • Chucky - Fifth Death
  • Delsin Rowe
  • Doomguy
  • Ethan Chandler - Seventh Death
  • Grell Sutcliff
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Kuro the Mimikyu - Third Death
  • Kyle Knock - First Death
  • Makoto Nijima - Second Death
  • Robert Small - Eighth Death
  • Rottytops
  • Saeran Choi
  • Sammy Lawrence
  • Seishin Muroi
  • Simon Henriksson
  • Tarlotte - Ninth Death
  • Tenma Numahime
  • The Devil
  • Theo Raeken
  • Trevor Belmont
  • Varus
  • Vlad von Carstein
  • William Adiyodi
  • Yuri

Death Order Edit

Kyle Knock - Severely wounded and head crushed in by The Trapper.
Makoto Nijima - Wounded and cleaved by The Trapper.
Kuro the Mimikyu - Hacked in half by The Trapper.
Akira Kurusu - Sacrifices himself to a forest fire in order to kill The Trapper.
Chucky - Stabbed through the heart by Theo Raeken.
Bray Wyatt - Slaughtered by Solomon Grundy.
Ethan Chandler - Slaughtered by Solomon Grundy.
Robert Small - Slaughtered by Solomon Grundy.
Tarlotte - Slaughtered by Solomon Grundy.

Other Characters Edit

  • Clint Tucker
  • Dolores Umbridge
  • Dream of the Endless
  • Nightmare
  • Sherry Birkin
  • Solomon Grundy
  • The Trapper

Chapter Details Edit

Prologue - "A Stop at Nowhere" Edit

A group wakes up in an abandoned bus station, which leads out to a deserted town. After mingling with each other a bit and discovering they are weaponless, the group begins exploring the town they're in. They don't have a specific destination until the window of a clothing store suddenly breaks. The group heads in, finding the store in disarray save for a silver mirror on the counter. A frightening figure in the mirror scares Sherry and Makoto, and they all decide to leave, only for mannequins in the window to come alive and chase them into a large derelict mansion.

The group elects to investigate inside rather than face the enemies outside. Finding a fireplace with a knife inside Grell and Chucky both attempt to claim it, but it is merely an illusion that ends up burning Grell. Within it, however, is a secret passageway that leads into a dark room. Next to it is a study where the group finds a lighter and an axe, and Vlad offers a deal of immortality to Chucky if he stops antagonizing the group. Using the lighter to find the light in the first room they discover it full of human bones. Sammy finds a little girl crying, who implies that she was eaten by the person who lives in this house, only for her to be nothing more than a ghost. Frightened, the group decides to leave, only to find a new door in the study that leads to a beautiful dining room. They discover the owner of the house, who is revealed to be the host of a giant tapeworm that ate the other townsfolk when a famine hit. The group uses cutlery from the table to fight it, taking the opportunity to arm themselves while they're at it.

Chapter 1 - "Calm Waters" Edit

As the tapeworm dies, it releases a stream of blood that fills the room and overtakes the group. However, they soon find themselves dry and in a forest by a stream and bridge, with one member of the group, Kyle Knock, missing. As tensions once again rise in the group, they decide to either check out the forest or go on ahead across the bridge.

Those who venture into the forest have their sight clouded by fog, but get an idea of where to go rather quickly when they hear a scream further ahead. The scream is revealed to be from none other than the missing Kyle, who is severely wounded and left for dead in a clearing. As Makoto goes to help him, her leg is caught in a bear trap, and the fog gets thicker. The group tries to save Makoto, only for a monstrous man to emerge from the fog and kill Kyle by crushing his head under his boot. Though they attempt to fight the man off, he succeeds in killing both Kuro and Makoto while Grell sets fire to the forest. Akira, brokenhearted by the loss of Makoto and desperate for revenge, sacrifices himself by tackling the Trapper into the fire while the others escape.

Those who cross the bridge find an island with a gazebo in between another bridge leading to land. Within the gazebo is a shiny coin that both Robert and Seishin reach for, only to fall through the weathered floorboards and into an old well. Though the others are able to pull Seishin back up with a rope, Robert swims deeper in and finds a passageway to a nearby lake where something swims towards him. He swims to surface, but not before the creature, a large fish, bites his leg and begins dragging him back down. While some try to rescue him, a few others venture on, only to get separated from the group entirely, ending up in front of a hut where they hear a song about Solomon Grundy out of nowhere. As they venture inside, they discover a new addition to their group, Yuri. Meanwhile, the others venture on to a barn, where Chucky lays claim to a scythe and the coin from before grants them access to a secret passageway when inserted into a jukebox.

Eventually everyone reuinites, as those in the forest find the hut which has a apssageway of its own that takes them to an underground subway station where the group from the barn ended up. While those from the forest relay the fate of the deceased, Varus finds a sledgehammer. Though things are civil at first. once Theo kisses both Delsin and Yuri, a crude comment from Chucky leads to a full-blown fight between him and the rest of the group when Ethan kicks him. Theo is able to kill the doll, but not before Chucky stabs Grell in the leg. With Chucky dead, Jack takes his weapons, but the group has no time for recuperation as the man from the song, Solomon Grundy, appears and attacks.

Chapter 2 - "Castaways" Edit

Though the majority of the group managed to escape, Ethan, Robert, Bray, and Tarlotte are all killed by Grundy. The rest flee out of the station which crumbles in on itself, and they discover an abandoned ship docked on a shoreline. As they take a few moments to set aside their differences after the carnage from minutes earlier, they venture on into the ship. Not much occurs, save for an annoying jingle playing, until Sherry and Numahime spot the pale figure from the mirror in the clothing store from before.

Epilogue Details Edit

The pale figure reveals himself as Dream of the Endless, who has finally been able to reach the group, Transporting all both living and dead to the true reality of this domain, he explains the situation: their dream selves were brought to this place in their sleep by Nightmare, who fed upon their fear. Found out by Dream, Nightmare lets them all return, which they are able to do by pinching themselves. Theo and Delsin leave together, having become an item. Chucky, unable to get the body Vlad promised him due to the dream world, leaves angrily. Sherry and Sammy both return to their homes and resume life as usual, and Jack is reunited with her mother. Elsewhere, in a prison known as Azkaban, a woman known as Dolores Umbridge is broken out by a mysterious entity, who decides to use her for their own machinations.

Afterlife Details Edit

Those who had died would find themselves waking in some sort of futuristic room, with their powers back and, in Chucky's case, his original human form. They are told by a scientist that they signed up for some sort of spa resort simulation to help his hole world, but Hell attacked and killed almost everyone in the space station. It all turns out to be nothing more than an illusion, though, as they are pulled back by Dream of the Endless.

Trivia Edit

  • This event is billed as a Halloween special, and can be considered the first canon holiday-themed event. As such, there was a character requirement that all participants relate to something spooky in nature, though this rule was a bit lax.
  • In-universe, the event is known as the "Nightmare Incident," though due to the nature of the event, it has yet to be discovered and reported.
  • Similarly to Restless in Rapture, there were no Traitors, and instead deaths would occur through participants either making wrong choices, or being killed by others.
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