Breaking Down Barriers began on June 5, 2015 and ended prematurely on September 3, 2015. It is a small story that takes place after the events of Illusion II: School Daze, detailing the meeting between Aaron White and Rallen. It can be found here.

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Some time after School Daze, Arc kept his new identity of Aaron White and went on to create an organization called the Dragoons. On a mission searching an unfamiliar planet, Aaron met with Rallen, a participant in the first Illusion game. The pair spoke of their individual experiences before transporting back to Aaron's space station called the Paladin. There, they discussed the Illusion Games more in-depth. In particular, Aaron spoke of his plans to possibly end these types of events early.

Arc then showed Rallen virtual reality programs his company created, their purpose similar to that of the program found in the first Illusion Game. Rallen became distressed by this, though Aaron quickly explained those trapped inside were volunteers, and that the technology used to make the programs used crystals from his world as energy.

Following this, the pair speak of going on a mission together. Rallen theorizes that he could analyze the Dark Presence and find its source, to which Aaron produces the bracelet he acquired inside the Dark Place. After analyzing it, Rallen finds the findings largely inconclusive. Aaron then spoke of other people he's met, such as Riley and Malthael. When Rallen expresses interest in meeting Malthael, Aaron takes him to see Robin Aquilus, a participant in the Gilgamesh incident who was now working for the Dragoons, so that they can plan their next jump.

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  • The side story speaks of events that would not become relevant for quite some time.
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