Human-Cyborg Relations
"We're doomed!"
Canon Star Wars
Involved in... (Main)


Role(s) Survivor
Affiliation Coalition
Current Status Unknown
Age 114
Origin Tatooine
Occupation Protocol droid

C-3PO, often referred to as Threepio, is a major character from the Star Wars franchise. He made his debut in Fusion.

Canon Edit

Threepio hails from the Star Wars universe, acting as a supporting character throughout the films and other material.

A bumbling protocol droid, C-3PO has been through thick and thin with R2-D2, working with him through the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War, both of which lasted a combined total of at least twenty years.

Pre-Convergence Edit

It is unknown what exactly the whereabouts of Threepio and Artoo were, or what exact point of the Star Wars timeline the two of them hail from, but they would eventually come into contact with the Coalition. It is unknown if they are an official part of it, however.

Plot Involvement Edit

Fusion Edit

It is unknown how he exactly got to the Fuse tour, but it was likely some time after him joining the Coalition and after the events of Eden and the Forgotten People.

He had minimal active involvement within the Murder Game, though he did interact with a few fellow participants including Patchouli Knowledge and Pietro Maximoff, before he would meet his untimely demise relatively early.

Epilogue(s) Edit

Fusion Edit

He never got a proper epilogue, but it is generally assumed that he was rebuilt and revived along with the rest of the Survivors who were murdered, and subsequently returned to the Coalition Headquarters before long, reuniting with his friend R2-D2.

Character Relationships Edit

  • R2-D2 - Another major character from the Star Wars franchise. He is Threepio's close friend and counterpart, having a sort of love-hate relationship with each other due to their conflicting personalities, but work well enough together.

Trivia Edit

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