The Coalition
Trident BO3
The Coalition
Status Disbanded
Leader(s) Kyoko Kirigiri
Headquarters Knowhere
Associates Future Foundation

Brotherhood of Steel



Enemies The Arch Demon

The Order

The Blood Institute


The Coalition is an organization that was formed by both G.O.R.E. and Future Foundation, but G.O.R.E. has since broken away from the group. The Brotherhood of Steel sponsored and assisted the group during its initial founding. The group seeks to eliminate threats to the multiverse as a whole, their members even entering Murder Games of their own free will in order to sabotage them.

Description Edit

In Monokuma Rising, the group's virtual training program was sabotaged by Akibahara, who inserted a virus into the program in order to turn it into another Murder Game. Though a majority of the recruits inside managed to survive the incident, the VR system has been dismantled since then.

After the events of The Ultimate Game, the Coalition reformed their group structure and decided that the various groups behind them would essentially carry out specialized tasks and acting as the Coalition's arms.

Members of the Coalition itself would maintain the group's headquarters and any outposts within their control. Research and development would still primarily run under their direction, as was maintaining that Multiverse Directive laws were followed within the organization.

The Torch, a Coalition base located on the main contininent of an obscure world, is the first place new recruits visit in order to get a feel for the organization as well as train and decide which branch of the Coalition they feel most suited to, these including the Sword, the Forge, the Cloak, and the Wand. Even non-magical folk for example can join the Wand, acting as either special forces, scouts, or research assistants. It's all a matter of organization and, considering the role they find themselves in, it's something they can't afford to ignore.

What all divisions of the Coalition have in common is cross-training. Because of the eclectic nature of this organization, sometimes those of different departments are thrown into situations where another might be of more use. For example, a Sword in a Forge situation or a Forge in a Cloak-style team. In these cases, each one is required to learn at least the basics of each branch, in the event a specialist for one or the other is needed.

The group has established other outposts across the multiverse, though most act solely as research locations or military bases. Unfortunately, many of these outposts were destroyed as part of the Arch Demon's push to destroy the Coalition.

Role Edit

Pre-Convergence Edit

Though it is not specified what exact point in time the organization was formed, it is known that sometime after the events of Welcome to Silent Hill, G.O.R.E.'s very own Darth Rex approached the Future Foundation in order to establish the Coalition to combat the forces of the Arch Demon Akibahara. The Brotherhood of Steel, a newly unified group that made the discovery of multiversal travel, came in contact with both groups and offered them full use of their resources in order to help form the Coalition.

Their main base of operations, the Coalition Headquarters, was constructed in its very own pocket universe. G.O.R.E. and Future Foundation appointed members of their groups as leader of the Coalition, later appointing a third leader unaffiliated with either group. Darth Rex, as leader of G.O.R.E., became one of the appointed members, while Kyoko Kirigiri, as leader of Future Foundation's 14th Division, became the other. Kieran was raised up as a member to be the third leader due to his previous battle expertise.

During the Lost Period, many of the Coalition's efforts to successfully monitor Murder Games went awry due to their relative inexperience. Furthermore, Kyoko Kirigiri went missing in action after infiltrating a Murder Game and Makoto Naegi was appointed leader of Future Foundation's 14th division in her absence. This resulted in Makoto taking Kyoko's place as leader of the Coalition.

The group eventually acquired a Virtual Reality system originally produced by the Mira-Curtiss Partnership and re-purposed it into a training program for potential recruits. This idea had been proposed by Jennifer, leading to both Darth Rex and Makoto to fully support the idea in turn. Kieran chose to remain unaffiliated with the project due to his unease with working the technology.

Unfortunately for the Coalition, the first use of this virtual training program turned out a failure when the Arch Demon, assisted by a double agent named Revan, managed to insert a virus into the program and turn it into a Murder Game.

Monokuma Rising Edit

The Coalition would make their first appearance within this event.

Though its existence would be hinted about from the presence of Darth Rex throughout the event, it would not be definite until the climax when he and Makoto Naegi would appear to combat the Monokuma virus within the virtual reality. Once Monokuma would be defeated, Makoto would offer the remaining Survivors to either join them in fighting the Arch Demon or simply returning to their home worlds safely.

The Reapers' Game Edit

Though it would not make a solid appearance in the event itself, Cosmo and Makoto Naegi would appear in the aftermath, seen in the HQ discussing a future plot concerning a child. Sometime after the Murder Game, Joshua would ally the Reapers with the Coalition as well.

Fusion Edit

A representative of the organization, Chris Redfield (the resurrected brother of Claire Redfield) would appear alongside Kirei Kotomine, who had been staying at the HQ since the events of Coalition Headquarters, in an attempt to guide the Survivors during the incident.

In the end, they would be able to recruit a few more members into the cause. Behind the scenes, co-founder of G.O.R.E. Revan would conspire with Jade Curtiss.

System Breakdown Edit

In the end, Joshua would appear and save the participants from the event, giving the participants the opportunity to join the Coalition.

In the aftermath, Cosmo is once again seen discussing a future plot with Frank Castle.

The Ultimate Game Edit

A prominent force in the event, they would orchestrate the advancement into the realm of the Arch Demon. Members such as Makoto Naegi and Chris Redfield would keep a watch over the Survivors, calling up whoever would be voted out on suspicion of being a Traitor and generally maintaining close contact with them to make sure nothing bad would happen. They would join the participants in the climactic fight against the Arch Demon and his forces as well.

After the fall of the Arch Demon, the G.O.R.E. faction of the Coalition would dissolve when co-leader Darth Rex would be killed by his former associate, Revan, and Chris Redfield would disappear due to his life being tied to the now deceased Claudia Wolf. Regardless, Makoto Naegi, along with Kieran, would attempt to keep the organization afloat.

The Sovionok Camp Incident - When the Corpses Cry Edit

The organization would remain relatively dormant after the events of The Ultimate Game, acting as something of a makeshift watch force, keeping tabs on the later Murder Games that would happen even after the death of the Arch Demon.

The Grand Hotel Edit

Though they do not make a solid appearance aside from the co-leader, Kieran, showing up in the Multiverse Hotel, it is mentioned by name a number of times.

In the aftermath, when Jade Curtiss is seen discussing with Jeen, the murderer of Rita Mordio, over the incident, he would mention that the ordeal, ending in the wrongful imprisoning of Mary, would soon result in the crumbling reputation of the Coalition, stacked on by their failure to report this incident to the United Nations.

The War of the Universe Edit

Despite this setback, the Coalition continued its practice of observing and intervening in the Murder Games phenomena, putting aside their momentary quarrels with the United Nations by sending in the senior member Ludger Will Kresnik to aid the UN members Akane Tsunemori, Carth Onasi, Asriel Dreemurr, and Garnet, as well as the Survivors of the event, against the threat of Elliot.

Welcome to the Falls Edit

In the aftermath of the event, Mom Lalonde manages to contact the Coalition and summon them to Gravity Falls, where they manage to rescue those who had been taken away from their home worlds by Bill Cipher, taking them all into the Magic School Bus, as well as those who had been stuck within the "story book" depicting the events of The Devil's Carnival fabricated by Daughter.

In the process, Leia Rolando, who was present during the retrieval, would subsequently arrest Hisoka, whom Dipper would out as the murderer who had gotten them all trapped in the story book in the first place, the jester choosing not to resist.

Restless in Rapture Edit

Agents Lucifer Anghelscu, Clare, and Ellis would find themselves inside Rapture, and as they would traverse through the place, they would eventually come into contact with another agent; Revolver Ocelot, whom all three of them were acquainted with before.

In the end of the event, the four of them would be able to return to base, Spider-Gwen, Scott McCall, and Ty Lee being recruited in the process.

Monokuma's Awakening Edit

The Coalition is mentioned early and throughout the event, due in part to Wanda Maximoff being a member of the organization. Felix, who had been hired to help partake in the battle against the Arch Demon, had also mentioned it as well.

In the climax of the event, Byakuya Togami, along with a number of other people, had arrived to rescue the Survivors. It is then that Kyoko Kirigiri had been revealed to be a previously long-missing leader of the organization, and shortly after the Dark Presence had been vanquished, Ms. Frizzle would arrive at the scene in the Magic School Bus, promising to help everyone get back to their home world, or transport them to Coalition HQ should anyone choose to join their cause.

It is known that the last day of the event took place during the 20th birthday of Makoto Naegi, which had been celebrated throughout the base.

Civil War Edit

The Coalition was at the centerpiece of the event, due to the civil war involving primarily them and mostly being set within the headquarters, along with a few representatives of the United Nations, United Federation of Planets, and Multiverse Emergency Unit.

Many tensions that had been rising up to this point, along with newfound tensions, had exploded over the course of the event, whether due to the situation with Ilona, the uneasiness with the United Nations, and more. By the end of the event, the Coalition, despite managing to fend off enemies who attempted to take advantage of their situation within the civil war for the most part, was left in a state of disarray due to a number of events, including Kieran resigning from the Coalition. A number of other members had also resigned upon the revelation of perceived corruption when it had been discovered that Kieran had covered up the suicide of a girl named Mary after the end of The Grand Hotel, who had been in their custody due to being wrongly convicted as the murderer of Rita Mordio, as well as distrust and disillusionment as a result of members such as Revolver Ocelot being a triple agent, a secret member of the United Nations assigned by Ritsuko Akagi to spy on and monitor the Coalition's activities who later turned out to be truly aligned with the Revanchist, and Leia Rolando being captured and replaced by a shape-shifter from the Revanchist known as Thor.

On top of Kieran's resignation, Makoto Naegi had demoted himself from the position of leader, deciding to act as an aide to the sole remaining leader, Kyoko Kirigiri, who vowed after the end to rebuild the organization from the ground up and its reputation, coming to work with the newly formed organization, ODMA.

Genesis Epilogue Edit

Working alongside M.E.U. representative Riesbyfe Stridberg, Coalition agents Kenji Miyazawa, Alter Ego, and Alvin travel to a desolate world said to contain operations held out by Umbrella, where they discovered the comatose survivors of the first ever Murder Game held within cryogenic pods and taken care of by the head of Umbrella, Oswell E. Spencer, who recalled the entire story before ending his own life and destroying the last of Umbrella with that, allowing the organization to recover the survivors and bring them back home.

Notable Members Edit

Administration Edit

The Sword Edit

The Forge Edit

The Cloak Edit

The Wand Edit

The Mind Edit

The Knights Edit

  • Al Azif
  • Chibodee Crocket
  • Hana Song
  • Jeremiah Gottwald

The Exorcists Edit

Strike Team Edit

Standard Members Edit

Recruits Edit

  • Annie Leonhart
  • Bart Allen
  • Kimmy Howell
  • The Batter

Temporary and Auxiliary Allies Edit

Former Members Edit

Major Divisions and Branches Edit

Only the most important divisions and branches are listed here:

Administration Edit

The center of the organization is the Administration, who by and large are the leaders and consist mostly of Commanders, specialized operatives (mostly those work largely outside the group but act largely as consultants in specific matters), and those with tech responsibilities such as maintaining the Coalition's computers and networks.

Kyoko Kirigiri initially acted as the sole leader of the Coalition during its founding, before she was rendered missing in action sometime during The Lost Period, forcing Makoto Naegi to act in her place alongside Kieran and formerly Darth Rex as the new leaders. When Kyoko had returned from her absence after the events of Monokuma's Awakening, taking some time to get back into the groove of things, she shared the title of head of administration alongside Makoto and Kieran until the Coalition Civil War, in which Kieran resigned from the Coalition and Makoto stepped down as head administrator, leaving Kyoko the sole leader once again.

Of the aforementioned "specialized operatives" who largely work with other groups, but acted as Coalition consultants, Pang Tong acted as the liaison between the Coalition and ODMA, while Paladin Danse provided the same role for the Brotherhood of Steel, and Morrigan for the Multiverse Emergency Unit.

Within the Administration, Doppo Kunikida acts as a "paper pusher" for the organization, vigilantly keeping any books or documents as needed in place for the organization, such as keeping appointments, schedules, and other middling middle-work as needed on point. Leia Rolando acts as head of public relations meanwhile, helped by her expertise in journalism; as of late, most of her work has been focused within the city of Avalon. Jennifer acts as a technology consultant for the organization, as well as a receptionist of sorts.

No one really knows how Ms. Frizzle got there, but everyone looks up to her as a wise mentor figure, so no one has ever questioned it.

Allies of the Coalition Edit

Though they are the founders of the Coalition, Future Foundation itself is not considered an official branch of the group. Instead, Future Foundation's 14th Division act as their representatives within the Coalition, making all members Coalition members. Other divisions of Future Foundation are not considered a part of the Coalition, acting mainly within their home universe while letting the Coalition act as their line of defense against multiversal threats.

The Brotherhood of Steel, while not considered official founders, were integral to the formation of the Coalition. Some, but not all, of the BoS members are Coalition members as well, drafted into the group to comprise the majority of the Sword division. Members of the BoS not members of the Coalition act within their home universe.

All members of the Multiversal Emergency Unit are considered full members of the Coalition. The MEU acts as an official branch of the group, often recruiting from and working in tandem with the Wand division. Though there has been some pressure to combine the MEU with the Wand division, the MEU has been left separate to maintain their identity.

While the United Nations are strong allies of the Coalition, no UN members are considered affiliated with the Coalition.

The Cloak Edit

The Cloak is generally the first team on the ground when it comes to new worlds, or to uncover the troubles of those under their protection. Largely independent, they prioritize stealth and knowledge to ensure that they blend in and prevent trouble before the Sword is called in. Most of these members are those who choose to become "Agents" in Murder Games, whenever these dark rituals appear. Recruits looking to join Future Foundation's 14th Division generally end up as members of this Coalition division.

The Exorcists Edit

The function of The Exorcists is rather self-explanatory; they specialize in purifying malevolence wherever they may find it, as one might an evil spirit or demon and thus, is arguably one of the most important and essential branches of the Coalition due to the ever growing danger of malevolence. Arthur Collbrande acts as the head of the Exorcist branch, with Sorey becoming its most prominent member.

The Forge Edit

The Forge serves as the pool for mechanically minded folk, as well as the general repair and maintenance of the Coalition's equipment and structures. Responsible as well for crafting weapons, their secondary role is tech research on whatever the scouts bring back. The Forge division is run by an ex-Mechanicus Adeptus with the nickname of Cid, who is stationed primarily at The Torch.

The Knights Edit

The name of "The Knights" refers to members who generally specialize in piloting giant-sized mechs in order to carry out specialized tasks that involve a large amount of strength (whether for firepower or general heavy lifting), among other needs. The moniker was adopted from the mechs they pilot, metaphorically the "steeds" of the knights. Jet Jaguar is an exception, as while he is not a mecha pilot, he is a sentient robot who, while normally standing at a height of 5'9, is capable of growing to sizes up to roughly 160 feet.

The Mind Edit

The Mind are for the intellectuals and individuals dedicated to helping others. They are the main group to turn to for research needs, though they have a more biological focus than the technology-focused Forge. Developing cures for the multiverse's worst diseases is at the forefront of their research. All staff focused solely on medical duties, managed by Akiko Yosano, are also considered a part of the Mind.

The Strike Team Edit

Founded by Cosmo, the Strike Team is considered the best of the best within the Coalition. They are an elite group that is called upon for the greatest of threats. Not all members of the Strike Team are full members of the organization, some acting as reserve members. The Strike Team consists of only a few members, chosen for their supreme skills, both physically and intellectually.

The Sword Edit

The Sword is a broadly Brotherhood of Steel division, devoting their section to military-esque training or at least having a rudimentary knowledge of firearms, of most worlds which they find themselves. They also familiarize themselves with the four basic vehicles every Sword trainee will find themselves driving at one time or another, each one chosen carefully for their innocuous appearance as to blend into worlds unaware of the multiverse as a whole, as well as their firepower.

The Wand Edit

The Wand are those of a mystic bent. Backed by the M.E.U. who recruits heavily from this branch, magic is their forte. Anything that falls into a supernatural problem or study, is routed through this department and most of those who choose to enter this field end up sent into the thick of it. Whenever Planeswalkers battle and common folk need evacuation, whenever demons emerge from the pit or Deadites swarm forth, they act as the spearhead and the brain to determine how best to stop them with minimal fuss.

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