The Crossed

The Crossed are a group of people infected with a strange virus that causes them to lose any and every sense of morality, resulting in them going completely berserk. They are horrifically violent, generally thinking of nothing other than murdering, raping, among other sins. They hail from the comic series of the same name and made their Murder debut in The Ties That Bind, while also briefly returning in Welcome to Silent Hill, Fusion, and The Ultimate Game.

Plot Involvement Edit

The Ties That Bind Edit

They served as the primary recurring enemy that the Survivors encountered over the course of the Murder Game. Here, some of the Crossed were also empowered by the T-Virus, created by Albert Wesker, the primary antagonist of the event. They are vast and nearly endless in number, making them quite the formidable foe in groups. In the beginning, with the help of Claire Redfield, they had managed to infect Chris Redfield.

Wesker unleashed quite the number of them to fight the Survivors on Celebrity Island in the climax of the event, but with the aid of Nick Fury and his organization S.H.I.E.L.D., they were tentatively defeated, and the Survivors managed to return to their home world relatively safely.

Welcome to Silent Hill Edit

They made a small appearance in one scene relatively early on when the Survivors were abruptly transported to a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in another dimension, prompting them to fight for their lives. Before long, however, they were returned to Silent Hill, and that was the last that they had seen of the Crossed.

Fusion Edit

They had also made a small appearance when the multi-dimensional portals interfered with the Fuse Tour, reshaping it into a Murder Game. Led once again by Wesker, who was attempting to kill the Survivors covertly, they attacked Arya Stark, Ellie, Fox McCloud, Luke fon Fabre, and Jade Curtiss.

In the penultimate battle, Wesker would leave behind a sample of a substance that turned out to be a combination of his T-Virus and the Crossed Virus.

The Ultimate Game Edit

They would appear in the very end of the event during the climactic battle against Arch Demon Akibahara, fighting on his side, as well as alongside Albert Wesker, John White, and Claire Redfield.

Characteristics Edit

They are most easily identifiable physically by a red, cross shaped rash that covers their face. Because of their complete lack of sanity, fear of pain, and empathetic thought, they are extremely unpredictable and dangerous to fight for those who are susceptible to being infected, willing to harm even their own allies without a second thought. They use a wide variety of conventional weapons including firearms and blades, as well as their teeth that spreads the Crossed Virus.

Trivia Edit

  • They are comparable to zombies, which are another type of creature that appears within the Convergence Series.
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