A Vial of the Virus

The Crossed-T-Virus is a dangerous combination of the virus that creates the Crossed from the comic series of the same name and the T-Virus from the Resident Evil series. It made its Convergence debut in Welcome to Silent Hill.

Plot Involvement Edit

Pre-Convergence Edit

It's unknown what pathogen started the pandemic of the Crossed, but samples obtained from those infected by the virus were used in the creation of the Crossed-T-Virus. Having control of the Crossed, Arch Demon Akibahara allowed Albert Wesker to experiment on the infected so that he could combine it with the T-Virus, a mutagenic virus originally created by the Umbrella Corporation.

Welcome to Silent Hill Edit

While the virus didn't play a role in the event, samples of the virus were seen by Claire Redfield and Shiki Ryougi when they infiltrated an Umbrella facility within the fake Raccoon City.

Fusion Edit

Again, the virus did not play a major role in the event, but a vial of the substance was held by Wesker. During the event, Wesker confronted Chris Redfield and told the man what he planned to do with the virus. The plan was to assist the Arch Demon in breaking free of his limited space in order to spread the Crossed across the multiverse, who would carry the Crossed-T-Virus to all living beings. Before Wesker fled the scene, he gave the sample in his possession to Cole MacGrath for unknown reasons. It's likely that as Cole was acting as a Traitor, Akibahara wished for him to hold on to a sample as a back-up.

The Ultimate Game Edit

The virus was not mentioned or seen during the event, but with the defeat of the Arch Demon and Albert Wesker, it's likely that all samples of the virus were lost.

Except for one.

Traversing Aether Edit

The survivors of the event encountered Cole, who had an unconscious Nanami Yasuri with him. After taunting the group, Cole used his one sample of the virus to infect Nanami, who turned into an enraged mutant. Following this, it's likely no samples of the virus are still in existence.

Characteristics Edit

Its unknown what exactly goes into the process of making the virus, though it's likely no simple procedure. It was stated by both Albert Wesker and Cole MacGrath that the virus made use of the best features of their components, in that those infected by the virus experienced rapid mutation while also being thrown into an unrelenting rage.

As evidenced by Nanami Yasuri's infection by the virus, the victims turn into a mutant similar in design to a tyrant and experience rapid regeneration of all wounds. The victim loses all ability for rational thought and endlessly seeks out targets to kill.

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