The Future Foundation
Survivors of Class 78
Status Active
Leader(s) Kazuo Tengan (formerly)

Kyosuke Munakata (current)

Kyoko Kirigiri (14th Division)

Headquarters Unknown
Associates Coalition
Enemies Akibahara

The Order

Ultimate Despair

Future Foundation is an organization that appears in the Dangan Ronpa series. It is a similar organization in the Convergence Series that shares the group's canon history.

Description Edit

A member of Hope's Peak Academy, Junko Enoshima founded a group called Ultimate Despair, and sparked a rebellion from inside the academy's walls. This social unrest soon became a movement that spread outside the academy's walls, turning more and more violent until violence and death became a normal part of society.

From the alumni of Hope's Peak Academy started an organization called Future Foundation that hoped to revert the world to the state it was in before the incident. They saved the few who had managed to survive the Mutual Killing Incident of Class 78th, who went on to become members of Future Foundation.

Their original plan was to bring the world back into order and devise ways to bring it back to normal and rid of despair, but upon discovering a device capable of allowing them multiversal travel, the group instead changed their focus to getting ridding of despair across many different universes. The group eventually formed an alliance with G.O.R.E. to form the Coalition, with the organization's 14th Division acting as the primary representatives.

As head of the 14th Division, Kyoko Kirigiri acted as co-leader of the Coalition representing Future Foundation, but when she was lost during an operation, the position fell to Makoto Naegi instead. Kyoko was later reinstated as the leader upon her return following the events of Monokuma's Awakening and Civil War.

After the events of The Ultimate Game, G.O.R.E. defected from the Coalition, leaving Future Foundation as the core group. Seeking to re-evaluate how it carried out missions, the Coalition decided that Future Foundation would primarily be the intelligence gatherers of the organization.

Notable Members Edit

2nd Division Edit

5th Division Edit

  • Chisa Yukizome

6th Division Edit

  • Juzo Sakakura

14th Division Edit

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