Happily Never After
Ever After High
"What would you do if your entire life was already decided from birth? If you were born to fulfill a role in a story, even if it gave you an unhappy ending? Would you follow the path you were given without question, staying true to your heritage? Or would you try and fight your fate, make your own ending, even if it came at the cost of all you hold dear?"
Status Canon
Preceded by... Prisoners of Hogwarts

Calamitous Reprise

Followed by... Dead or Lie


Happily Never After began on December 29th, 2018, and ended on ___. The event is based on Ever After High. It was hosted by Yun Lee and can be found here.

Participants Edit

  • Angel [Morgan]
  • Caroline Lewis [Claire Elford]
  • Crescent Houraisan [Rin Tohsaka]
  • Dulla [Adeleine]
  • Erin Wood [?]
  • Fledgling [Lou]
  • Georgia Pierce [Tiki]
  • Hector Louis
  • Hunter Wolf [Geralt of Rivia]
  • Jean LeDompeteur de Beaumont [Vega]
  • Lina Blossom [?]
  • Mallory Jekyll and Ms. Fortune [Madeline and Badeline]
  • Mortiz Pfeifer [Wirt]
  • Olive [Chloe Bourgeois]
  • Pyry [Haru Okumura]
  • Verde West [Elphaba Thropp]

Other Characters Edit

  • Aurelio Law [Yun Lee]
  • Avery Dallas [Vulcano Rosso]
  • Bloody Mary (AI)
  • Daisuke Mizuno [Bellongian Draquillie]
  • Fawn Blackwood [Aunty Greenleaf]
  • Godiva Plum [Valerie]
  • Headmaster Grimm [?]
  • Jamila Shahrazad [Shelly]
  • Jay Hood [Yang Lee]
  • Kitty Charming [?]
  • Ludovica Medici [Sakura Oogami]
  • Penelope Miller [Perfuma]
  • Rochelle Blackwood [Monika]
  • Terrance Charming [?]

Chapter Details Edit

Prologue - "Once Upon a Time..." Edit

Chapter One - "Back to School" Edit

Chapter Two - "Damage Control" Edit

Chapter Three - "Your Reality" Edit

Chapter Four - "Into the Unknown" Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is currently the longest canon Illusion Game in terms of time needed to complete, having gone on for over a year.
  • The original drafts for this event involved having a chapter each day of the week, ultimately leading up to Legacy Day, where Rebels, characters who received their memories back would work to discreetly convince others to join their side, while a Royal, someone chosen by Grimm, would attempt to weed out the Rebels. Though a Rebel, Mallory, and a Royal, Fledgling, had been chosen, this idea was ultimately scrapped.
    • An attempt was made again by including the group in Chapter One that opened the chest first and making then Rebels, but the event ultimately went in a different direction.
  • The illusion characters of Godiva Plum and Aurelio Law had always been planned to turn against the participants through the intervention of Bloody Mary. However, in original drafts Perfuma was to be the true identity of Godiva.
  • Each chapter begins with a poem, as a bit of a nod to Doki Doki Literature Club. Similarly, the title of the third chapter, "Your Reality," is named for the end credits song of the game. Coincidentally, this song is performed by Monika.
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