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=== '''The Girls Who Met Through Time''' ===
=== '''The Girls Who Met Through Time''' ===
During her time in Columbia, Junko desired to travel to other worlds to see her old friends. Solas took advantage of this desire and tricked Junko into touching an artifact and gaining unstable powers that sent her across time and space. She traveled to a time shortly after ''[[Right Hand of the Crimson Moon]]'', where she briefly interacted with [[Mikoto Misaka]], and later, traveled to some a time during ''[[Traversing Aether]]'', marking this story as the beginning of her time travel journey.
During her time in Columbia, Junko desired to travel to other worlds to see her old friends. [[Solas]] took advantage of this desire and tricked Junko into touching an artifact and gaining unstable powers that sent her across time and space. She traveled to a time shortly after ''[[Right Hand of the Crimson Moon]]'', where she briefly interacted with [[Mikoto Misaka]], and later, traveled to some a time during ''[[Traversing Aether]]'', marking this story as the beginning of her time travel journey.
=== '''Traversing Aether''' ===
=== '''Traversing Aether''' ===

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The Ultimate Fashionista
"That's... sad. Living all your life locked away like that... I was locked in a school for a year, but I don't even remember most of it."
Canon Danganronpa (AU)
Involved in... (Main)

The Ultimate Game

(Sandbox) Chillin' in Columbia

(Side Story) The Girls Who Met Through Time

(Side Story) Traversing Aether

(Main) Welcome to the Falls

(Main) The War of the Universe

(Side-Story) The Grand Hotel

(Side Story) SCP-2214

(Main) Restless in Rapture

(Side Story) Slowly Dead

(Main) Civil War

(Main) Fighting of the Spirit

(Side Story) Between the Lines

Role(s) NPC
Affiliation Independent
Current Status Alive
Age 19 (UMG)

20 (TGH)

Origin Japan
Occupation Fashion model
Junko Enoshima is a major character from Danganronpa. She made her debut in The Ultimate Game.


She is a character from the first Dangan Ronpa video game, Trigger Happy Havoc.

This incarnation deviates greatly from the original incarnation, in that while that version was antagonistic and obsessed with despair, this version is comparatively more friendly and outgoing.


She had gone through an alternate version of the Gotham Incident where the antagonist of that event, Bane, had won and defeated most of the Survivors and was one of the few entities that existed within the virtual reality that was not a piece of data.

Plot Involvement

The Ultimate Game

She would appear in the fourth chapter when the Survivors would be transported into a virtual reality in order to destroy data concerning the Survivors of the alternate version of The Watchful Eyes. As it would turn out, Junko would be one of the few real people trapped inside the simulation and found herself traveling with the survivors when they transported themselves to the next universe. Throughout the game, Junko would worry whether or not she was just data created for the simulation with fake memories, but she would eventually come to the conclusion that she was real.

Later, over the course of the Murder Game, she would develop a budding, albeit awkward, romance with Riley. She would disappear when the group ventured into Silent Hill, managing to escape the illusions of Claudia Wolf and Arya Stark by falling into a portal made by her future self which sent her to Columbia.

Chillin' in Columbia

After being confronted by Paladin Jackson, Junko traversed time and space via a portal conjured by her future self that deposited her into Columbia.

Junko quickly gained her bearings after being transported here, making new friends and resolving to build her lost fame as a fashionista. She also briefly reunited with Riley Peterson.

The Girls Who Met Through Time

During her time in Columbia, Junko desired to travel to other worlds to see her old friends. Solas took advantage of this desire and tricked Junko into touching an artifact and gaining unstable powers that sent her across time and space. She traveled to a time shortly after Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, where she briefly interacted with Mikoto Misaka, and later, traveled to some a time during Traversing Aether, marking this story as the beginning of her time travel journey.

Traversing Aether

After a mysterious event occurred sometime during her time in Columbia, Junko found herself being pulled into the Aether Facility. As she wasn't with the gathered Survivors when they awoke, it would seem she was transported to the facility through another matter, the means of which was revealed in The Girls Who Met Through Time.

She traveled with the participants of the event for some time, ending up kidnapped by a group of semi-intelligent zombies. Junko was put through torturous conditions and used as bait for the other survivors, though none ended up coming to her aid. She managed to live long enough for the zombies to grow impatient and attack the group, where she was saved by the intervention of Jack Krauser and Nemesis.

During the event's climax, Junko ended up thrown and impaled into a wall through her shoulder, where she promptly disappeared in a flash of green light.

Welcome to the Falls

After being impaled at her shoulder, Junko was transported to a cave deep underneath Gravity Falls.

Junko was found in a mine shaft underneath Gravity Falls on the edge of consciousness by a group of the survivors. They tried to treat her wounds, but ultimately decided to take her to a hospital, where she slept for a majority of the event.

When the survivors were thrown into the dreamscape, a group of them encountered Junko's dreams, which were nightmarish recounts of her time spent within the Aether Facility. A mage named Solas arrived, claiming to be a wanderer of dreams, and assisted in calming Junko's dreams. Later, when the survivors traveled back to Gravity Falls, Solas went with them to heal Junko with his magic.

Junko recovered during the climax of the event where Bill Cipher was attacking the survivors. She ended up coming across a unicorn, but Junko angered the creature by calling her a pony. Junko was attacked but was saved by Koyomi Araragi. The two shared an intimate hug... until Bill used Max Caulfield's power to reverse time, making it so the last few minutes never happened. Junko's powers allowed her to remember the last few minutes, though the time manipulation caused her powers to start going haywire. Without her control, Junko ended up opening a mysterious portal that poured out creatures from the Dark Place.

Junko fell into despair at causing this, but with some encouragement from Solas, Koyomi, and She-Hulk, Junko managed to close the portal.

The War of the Universe

Once again, Junko found herself transported to a new world. She ended up in the Fallout (α) world and was subsequently trapped in the Eden simulation, where she would soon be encountered by the survivors.

Having appeared mysteriously inside the Eden simulation, Junko at first mistakenly believed herself to be in a town called Gravity Falls. When she was corrected otherwise, she decided she just wanted to find a place to relax, but found that plan fall apart when she was kidnapped by aquatic creatures. Though she was rescued by Shizuo Heiwajima, Kofuku Ebisu, and a few others, Junko grew depressed from the event and demanded tea from a woman named Emmeryn during a traitor vote.

When Broly grew annoyed with Junko and Emmeryn, Junko stood up to the man and called him the Ultimate Asshole, calling for the others to vote him out. Broly retaliated by smacking Junko to the ground, where she was comforted by the ponies, Applejack and Applebloom.

Later, Junko was released from Eden and demanded to accompany Commander Shepard and her crew. She went with them to Omega, where she enjoyed herself a bit at the nightclub. She briefly spoke with Qrow Branwen, hoping to recruit him to her fan club, but he ended up turning her down.

After the Normandy left Omega, it was attacked by a group of Husks. Junko sought shelter inside the vents within the ship but ended up forced into the infirmary. There, Arcade Gannon took a bullet for Junko in order to save her life. Arcade died from the attack, sending Junko into a despondent daze during the aftermath. She stayed on the Normandy while the crew investigated Rannoch, eventually deciding she was tired of moping and joining them for the final traitor vote.

The Grand Hotel

Though it's unknown what Junko was doing between the last event and now, she appeared at the birthday party being hosted at the hotel without injury, apparently having been invited at some point. Junko would go there hoping to have a good time and putting her traumatic history behind her.

Though she offered little to the case of Rita's death, she offered much side commentary on the case, whilst building an almost father-daughter-like relationship with Brad Armstrong, before unexpectedly reuniting with Riley Peterson as well. As they would engage into an argument with each other, as Riley had supposedly let Junko believe he was dead for some time, with Brad briefly intervening somewhat violently, the feud would be led to an end when Saitama would intervene, suggesting that misunderstandings could only be cleared up when one faced them, prompting Riley to apologize for his actions.

After the trial, it is presumed that Junko stayed at the Multiverse Hotel for an unknown amount of time.


Following her time during the Multiverse Hotel Incident, Junko's random transports became more frequent, taking her to all kinds of universes. Eventually, these ended up gathering the attention of the SCP Foundation who sought to contain her.

Junko Enoshima appeared in the office of a member of the Global Occult Coalition's PSYCHE Division, and promptly disappeared, gathering the attention of the SCP Foundation to flag her as an anomaly that needed to be tracked and contained.

During an operation to contain another SCP, Doctor Shields, Agent Fox, Agent Dawkins, and Agent Pope came across Junko (Now labelled SCP-2214) in a hallway. Doctor Shields attempted an interview with Junko, which ended with him talking her into being contained, if only temporarily, by the Foundation.

About a week after successfully containing Junko, a containment breach occurred. During the containment breach, Doctor Shields was killed, and Junko disappeared once again.

Restless in Rapture

Junko shifted away from the protection of the SCP Foundation to find herself in Rapture two years before the time of the event.

Through audio logs, it's learned that Junko had found herself in Rapture and managed to survive alone for a time. She discusses her powers in the logs, like how she has no memory of how she obtained them. She mentions her ability to open portals and how she has used them to protect herself from threats.

Junko mentions seeing herself in one of her portals, leading her to the conclusion that her portals can access locations across time. She later talks about how she sent her past self from Silent Hill to Columbia via a portal, before she shifted once again, leaving Rapture.

Slowly Dead

Junko Enoshima was rescued from zombies by a group consisting of Ellis, Claire Redfield, Carol Peletier, Aqua, Jack Morrison, and Edmond Honda. She was recognized by Claire, Aqua, and Edmond, the latter of which said that Junko was evil due to having met another incarnation of her. Junko managed to convince the group that she was from a different dimension than that Junko and joined the group in their efforts.

That night, the group settled inside an RV they had found. Junko spent most of her time with Ellis, bonding with him and enjoying her time with him. The next day they set out, on a mission to find Ellis' friends, when they were accosted by more zombies. After saving Elle Mel Marta, the group was confronted by raiders, though they managed to survive the encounter.

The group was then led by Elle to an abandoned warehouse where Victor Kresnik was lurking. It turned out that Victor had captured Ellis' friends and killed the Coalition agents protecting them to lure in Ludger Kresnik. The group told Victor he was foolish and are forced to fight them when he tries to kill him anyway. The group manages to defeat him, though Junko's powers take her away without getting to give anyone a proper goodbye.

Civil War

After Umbrella had taken over the Coalition headquarters, they constructed a device that used the energy of Wanda Maximoff, Sorey, Mikleo, and Mikoto Misaka to draw Junko to it like a beacon. Makoto led a group of the survivors to clear the Security Station, dismantling the device in the process. That is when Frederic Downing, an Umbrella scientist, revealed himself. In an attempt to escape, he held a gun to Junko's head, stating that they no longer needed the device anyway now that they had her.

With Bekka's, Saber's, and Miko's intervention, Junko was saved and Frederic was killed. Wanting to get at Umbrella for everything they had done to her, Junko joined the survivors in their assault on the Command Center. She assisted in the fight by creating a portal that Sergei Vladimir was thrown into, never to be seen again.

Fighting of the Spirit

Junko, at some point, ended up at the events of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon alongside the Great Spirit Muzet. A party was sent by ODMA to rescue her during the events of Time Squad, but after Ilona retreated due to a cold, the Coalition sent a backup team to retrieve her and the Great Spirit.

They successfully find her in Academy City's Windowless Building, being housed by Aleister Crowley. After a small conversation, the group successfully convinces Junko and Muzet to head to Knowhere.

Between the Lines

Junko was being held in the Medical Bay at Knowhere, where she reunited with her friend Ellis. After a short conversation, Knowhere was blown up by the Revanchist.


Welcome to the Falls

After Bill Cipher was defeated, Junko traveled into the forest and awaited her next shift, content with how this chapter of her life ended. Unfortunately for her, she found herself in the Aether Facility before the events of the Aether Incident. Panicking, Junko quickly shifted away, the trauma of the moment erasing her memory of her final moments in Gravity Falls.

Unbeknownst to Junko, she got the attention of the Umbrella staff, most notably Sergei Vladimir, who decided they needed to find her to make use of her powers.

With her memory of her last shift missing, Junko awoke dazed within Vault 112 of the Fallout (α) world where she was subsequently stuffed into the Eden simulation by a mysterious individual.

The full epilogue can be read here.

Character Relationships

  • Makoto Naegi - The protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc who debuted in The Ultimate Game. This was an alternate incarnation of Makoto where he was revealed to be the real Ultimate Despair, though this wouldn't be revealed until later on. The two of them were presumably friends before the reveal.
  • The Lone Wanderer - The protagonist of Fallout 3 who also debuted in The Ultimate Game. The two of them developed a small romance over the course of the event, though it would be cut short when Junko would disappear against her own will.
  • Brad Armstrong - The protagonist of LISA who debuted in The Grand Hotel. The two of them had grown unexpectedly close to each other during their brief time together during the event, as Junko seemed to remind Brad of his lost daughter.


  • This incarnation of Junko also made an appearance in the non-canon side story, Almost Nearly Inconsequential.
  • "Junko" means “shield” coupled with “child”, while "Enoshima" refers to two things. It can literally mean “island of the bay," or refer to the island in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.
  • Junko is briefly mentioned in Right Hand of the Magic God as one of the countless deaths caused by the destruction of the Multiverse by the hands of Othinus. It is presumed that she came back to life following the multiverse’s restoration.
  • Having become unexpectedly popular among the community ever since her debut, Junko has received positive critical reception as a character, winning Best NPC of The Ultimate Game, though her romance with The Lone Wanderer has received a mixed reception, being nominated for Strangest Romance Overall.
  • Having been in 13 events, Junko Enoshima is currently second to Makoto Naegi for the most appearances out of any character in Convergence history compared to his 14 appearances.
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