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"Rejoice, child. Your wish has come true."
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Affiliation Holy Church
Current Status Deceased
Age 37 years old
Origin Japan
Occupation Executor

Kirei Kotomine is a major character from Fate/stay night. He made his Convergence debut in Monokuma Rising.

Canon Edit

Kotomine is a major antagonist in the Fate franchise which, like Tsukihime, is a part of the larger Type-Moon universe. He notably appears in Fate/stay night and its prequel, Fate/Zero.

In a world wherein mages operate in secret beneath the notice of normal people, he is an esteemed Executor of the Holy Church, an organization in a similar field of work yet simultaneously at odds with the Mage's Association, working essentially as an agent who hunts down demons and heretics. However, Kotomine was born "defective" in his own words, unable to feel pleasure in anything except carrying out evil, in defiance against his good-natured upbringing. In his past, he married a woman named Claudia Hortensia who bore him a daughter named Caren. However, being a sickly woman, Claudia passed away not long after, and having no interest in his own child, Kotomine had sent Caren off to live with her mother's family.

Shortly afterward, at the age of 27 in the year 1994, Kotomine had been chosen to be a "Master" of the Fourth Holy Grail War, assigned the Assassin-class Servant of the War and working alongside his mentor, esteemed mage and fellow Master Tokiomi Tohsaka, to win the War. However, it was at this time that Kotomine finally accepted the evil nature within himself, and worked alongside Tokiomi's treacherous Servant, Gilgamesh, to kill Tokiomi and win the War by himself. During the War, he developed a heated rivalry with another Master, Kiritsugu Emiya, who became the last Master standing in the end of the War against Kotomine, though the War ultimately ended with no victor, with only Kiritsugu, Kotomine, and one other Master living to walk away from the War.

In the following ten years, Kotomine took upon Tokiomi's daughter, Rin Tohsaka, as a protege, operating from a local church in her home town of Fuyuki City, all the while with a reincarnated Gilgamesh living in secret by his side the whole time. It is then, in the year 2004, that the Fifth Holy Grail War began.

Pre-Convergence Edit

Before the events of Monokuma Rising, Kotomine was making preparations for the Fifth Holy Grail War alongside Rin Tohsaka. At this point in time, the Mage's Association was in the middle of an ordeal as a result of Shiki Tohno's Crossed Testimony and Aoko Aozaki's Gotham City Report, which detailed the events of The Ties That Bind and Shadow Over Gotham respectively.

Meanwhile, before he could get far in his preparations, Kotomine mysteriously disappeared before even he knew it, and the next thing he knew, he became an unwilling participant of the Monokuma Incident.

Plot Involvement Edit

Monokuma Rising Edit

Kotomine was a prominent figure in the Monokuma Incident, notably allying himself with Robin Tact, Erika Furudo, Frank Castle, and Dlanor A. Knox quickly in the first two chapters, as well as Funny Valentine, Bayonetta, and others later on in between as well, as well as Arya Stark and Cosmo, whom Kotomine intimidated with his demeanor.

In the second chapter, Kotomine traveled with Bayonetta and Leia Rolando through an abandoned shopping mall, collecting pieces of a mysterious medallion along the way. In the end of the second chapter, for the death of River Song, Ruby Rose was wrongfully accused of being the Traitor by the investigators and subsequently executed by Monokuma, who only afterward revealed Ruby's innocent status.

Into the third chapter, Ruby's death was mourned, especially by her half-sister Yang Xiao Long, whom Kotomine reveled in seeing her despair, lightly taunting her despair in a short-lived effort to drive her into madness. Following that, with the medallion pieces he'd collected earlier, the group was able to advance further into their venture. In the end of the chapter, Cosmo is revealed to be one of the Traitors, and is promptly executed.

In the end of the fourth chapter, wherein one of the remaining Traitors performed a triple murder of Dlanor, Erika, and Robin as revenge for Cosmo's execution, Cosmo -- moments before he was executed -- provided a clue that one of the remaining Traitors was also "good of heart." Thus, the votes fell upon Yang as the murderer, who was revealed innocent by Monokuma after she was executed. Kotomine was one such party who voted for Yang, having a hand in her death as a result.

In the fifth chapter, with another chance for investigation into who the Traitors were, Kotomine led the investigation here. He initially places his suspicions upon Funny Valentine for the triple murder, but quickly changes his line of thinking when Valentine convinces the priest of his innocence. Kotomine quickly deduces and exposes Natsu Dragneel as the true culprit with some help from Hercule Poirot.

In the sixth chapter, Kotomine was promptly murdered by the remaining Traitor who used a fire blast. At the same time, Funny Valentine was also murdered by another party. During the investigation, it was quickly revealed that Pretty Boy was the one who murdered Valentine, but he was not the Traitor. Instead, he simply wanted to exact revenge on those who voted out Yang to her death, and revealed that Kotomine was next on his list, but coincidentally died before Pretty Boy could do the deed himself.

In the seventh chapter, Kotomine was quickly resurrected and rejoined the party once more. In the end of the chapter, it was quickly revealed that the remaining Traitor who killed Kotomine was Ratchet, whom the group easily defeated.

In the final chapter, Erika Furudo began to undergo a mental breakdown due to the shock of dying and returning to life multiple times. With the aid of Pretty Boy, Kotomine ventured into the girl's mind to restore her to normal, not out of benevolence, but out of a belief that she would be more useful to him mentally intact. In the end of the chapter, as Monokuma began manipulating the group, Kotomine was among those who began doubting himself and what he wished to do upon finding out that they were all in fact in a virtual reality space the entire time. It was only with the arrival of Coalition members Darth Rex and Makoto Naegi that Kotomine was able to find the hope to exit the virtual reality once and for all.

In the aftermath, when offered to join the Coalition, Kotomine refused, saying that the ordeal he had just been through was enough trouble on its own. However, he did note that he would likely get involved again whether he wanted to or not, as he knew that his impending Monokuma Incident Report would stir up more concern within the Holy Church and Mage's Association.

After Monokuma Rising Edit

Between the events of Monokuma Rising and The Reapers' Game, Kotomine and Rin Tohsaka were experimenting with what appeared to be a copy of a rare, mystical item known as the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch for an unknown reason. The Jeweled Sword of Zelretch was an item that was said to be able to perform the Second Magic, which would have allowed for travel between different dimensions.

The copy was partly a success and partly a failure. It was a success in that they managed to indeed travel through different worlds, but at the same time, it was a failure because full control of manifesting the portals had yet to be acquired. As a result, the two of them arrived in the world that the Coalition Headquarters was situated in by pure fate.

It was here that Kotomine reunited with Frank Castle, who developed a close relationship with Rin during their stay at Coalition HQ while trying to find out a way to return to their world. Rin also developed a strange, tense relationship with Meira Franz during her stay.

Fusion Edit

Following these events, off-screen, it is mentioned that Kotomine had elected to temporarily work for the Coalition's behalf for his own curiosity's sake, despite rejecting the offer to join the Coalition during the end of the Monokuma Incident. He was called upon to investigate an anomaly detected by the Coalition during this time alongside an enigmatic new member, Chris Redfield, in an incident that would later become known as the Fuse Incident, the two of them popping in and out of the event involuntarily to occasionally aid the Survivors.

In the middle of their encounter with an extremely downgraded, weakened version of the Arch Demon, who in his human form was using an estimated 5-10% of his power, a group consisting of Touma, Cole MacGrath, Ika Musume, Naoki Kashima, Natalia, and Nanami Yasuri subsequently witnessed Kotomine breaking into the room, which had become an isolated pocket dimension due to the Arch Demon's powers. With the combined efforts of Touma's Illusion Breaker inadvertently breaking the pocket dimension's isolation and Rin Tohsaka's fake Jeweled Sword of Zelretch, Kotomine was able to defeat Sister Eunice and distract the Arch Demon long enough for Touma and Naoki to defeat him.

After the Arch Demon was temporarily vanquished, claiming that he had further business elsewhere, he left them as abruptly as he came, briefly mentioning the concept of the Murder Games and the presence of Traitors in the midst before doing so. However, before long, he and Chris Redfield appeared once more to aid the Survivors and stick by them closely.

After the climactic battle against Ultibahara, built by the unceremonious Freddy Fazbear, Kotomine, along with Chris, eventually returned to the Coalition Headquarters, their work finally done, along with Naoki Kashima, Elizabeth Keen, and Natalia recruited to the cause. After a short amount of time later, he submitted a document called the Fuse Incident Report to the Holy Church and Mage's Association, having since then managed to track down the coordinates of his home world, but otherwise unable to return home, knowing the importance of the Arch Demon's looming menace.

From there, back in Kotomine's home world, Aoko Aozaki is seen confronting the vice director of the Association, Barthomeloi Lorelei, concerning the situation of the Murder Games, advising that they must act now before it is too late, devising a plan in preparation for what she assumed to be an "ultimate" game in the future, dropping the name of Shiki Tohno while she was at it, foreseeing events to come with the power of her Fifth Magic.

The Ultimate Game Edit

By the time of the Arch Demon's Downfall, Kotomine and Rin were still stranded at the Coalition Headquarters, at this point forced to suspend their efforts to return home temporarily with the looming threat of the Arch Demon.

Kotomine occasionally appeared within the Coalition HQ, fighting alongside Chris Redfield, Kazuya Mineshigi, Naoya Mineshigi, and Paladin Jackson (later revealed to be a traitor to the Coalition) against Arya Stark's forces that attempted a full-scale attack.

He once again appeared alongside Rin Tohsaka in the climactic battle against the Arch Demon, making quips with Frank Castle as he tore down the hostile forces, most notably the Crossed. Once the Arch Demon was defeated, Kotomine and Rin were finally able to return to their home world, with Frank accompanying them and resigning from the Coalition, as he had grown close to Rin during this time.

Upon returning to his homeworld, after having a brief conversation with Gilgamesh about his recent whereabouts, Kotomine made his way into his private chamber where it is revealed that he had severed and pocketed the right hand of the Arch Demon, shrunken down to human size with the use of magecraft, intent on making use of it and ominously reveling in its power.

Illusion Breaker Edit

It is generally believed that he had been residing within his Church before the event, sometime after returning to his world after The Ultimate Game.

He makes a voice cameo in the beginning when giving Rin a phone call, instructing her to make sure to remember to summon her Servant if she wants to participate in the Holy Grail War.

The Sovionok Camp Incident - Legend of Zelda Extravaganza Edit

Though he did not appear directly in the following Aku Incident and Ghirahim Incident, under the guise of "the Unknown Man," Kotomine is the indirect cause of both of them, due to having Fiamma of the Right introduce the power of the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon to Aku and Ghirahim.

Under the guise of the Unknown Man, Kotomine spoke with Fiamma of the Right about the power of the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, and how the latest experiment was a success, as they had managed to orchestrate their very own Murder Game through Aku, even though he was defeated in the process by the participants.

Right Hand of the Crimson Moon Edit

Kotomine is a major figure within Right Hand of the Crimson Moon.

He first appears in the first chapter, eating mapo tofu in the marketplace of Fuyuki City, greeting those who would visit him and even offer them some of his food, served by Lancer. Before long, he led everyone to his Church, where he provided all of the necessary exposition concerning the latest Murder Game, before providing everyone sanctuary in the Church.


The true mastermind stands before the Survivors.

Before long, the Church was stormed by Fiamma of the Right, who used the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon to teleport the Survivors to an artificial world, before blasting Kotomine, Sean Grant, and Edipsu into the building, presumably killing them. However, after defeating Emiya, Cu Chulainn, and Ciel, upon investigating the ruins of the Church, it would be revealed that Kotomine's body was nowhere to be found, signaling that he managed to escape.

Under the guise of the Unknown Man, he made his way to Misaki Town and quickly subdue Rin Tohsaka before she would be able to contact the Mage's Association and the Holy Church to update the happenings of the Murder Game, intending to use her body's energy to feed the Holy Grail and summon Avenger to destroy the world.

He would not appear again until the final chapter, where he was seen standing inside the Star of Bethlehem, waiting for everyone, where he then revealed his position as the true mastermind of the Murder Game, having manipulated Fiamma of the Right all this time into carrying out his will, revealing his hand in the events of The Sovionok Camp Incident and Legend of Zelda Extravaganza as well, before overtaking everyone with a strange black mud, likely created from the rising Holy Grail.


The true face of Kirei Kotomine.

As the Survivors eventually managed to break free of the mud, being broken up into three different groups to fight a corrupted Saber, Fiamma of the Right, and Kotomine himself, Kotomine further revealed to Frank Castle, Robin Tact, Minato Arisato, and Erika Furudo that Aku, Ghirahim, and Fiamma of the Right were never the only villains that he had bestowed power unto. By traveling to countless different worlds with the power of the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, he managed to inspire countless other villains to orchestrate their own Murder Games to ensure the phenomena's continued existence, believing that the cycle was a necessary part of reality, like an evil that needed to be vanquished by a good, only for that good to be dissipated by an even bigger evil Murder Game, and so on.


Kotomine looks peacefully upon Frank, Robin, and Erika, the people he had known since his first Murder Game, for the last time.

Before long, he engaged into a climactic fight with those that he had once allied with in the Monokuma Incident. This was where the battle between hope and despair would end.

After the climactic fight against his former allies, Kotomine, with the last of his power, monologued over the meaning of his life and how nothing would ever be the same again, before finally falling down, his life effectively coming to an end for the final time, though it may be considered a hollow victory, but what he had done could never be taken back, and his actions would echo throughout the multiverse for as long as the Murder Games would go on.

Zero Hour Edit

Much later in time, Kotomine appears in the climactic battle of the Zero Hour, where Revan used his godlike power to resurrect Kotomine in order to have him fight on the Revanchist's behalf, among many other villains.

As Billy Kaplan also uses his own godly power to bring in heroes from beyond time and life, Kotomine does battle against a number of such heroes, including Alice Twilight and Kotomine's own old acquaintance, Erika Furudo. In the end, Kotomine is ultimately defeated once more, commentating with his final breath that just as he had died many times before and come back to life, so too would evil continue to return in order to overtake the power of the light, and warns of the burden of that never-ending battle, before fading into nothingness once more.

Epilogue(s) Edit

Monokuma Rising Edit

After returning to his world, Kotomine, shortly after submitting his Monokuma Incident Report, speaks to an officer of the Mage's Association over the phone. Noting to the officer that the events that he had went through were suspiciously similar to Aoko Aozaki's Gotham City Incident Report and Shiki Tohno's Crossed Testimony, he suggests that they start an investigation concerning the anomaly known as the Arch Demon. When asked of who he would suggest, Kotomine recommended Ciel, the top-ranking Executor in the Holy Church.

After finishing his conversation, Kotomine walks into a backroom within his church, greeting a certain man with golden hair and armor, sipping a glass of wine, who expressed excitement of events to come.

Elsewhere, Ciel is confronted on a dark rooftop by a representative of the Mage's Association, who proceeds to talk to her about the recent events, and her new job.

The full epilogue can be viewed here.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Robin Tact - The protagonist of Fire Emblem: Awakening who also made his debut in Monokuma Rising. The two of them were allies in the Murder Game, working together with others to unravel the identities of the traitors and the mystery behind the Monokuma Incident. The nature of their conflicting personalities made their relationship a sort of love-hate friendship.
  • Erika Furudo - An antagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni who also debuted in Monokuma Rising. Another ally of Kotomine in the event who also diligently worked to discover the Traitors in the Monokuma Incident. In the end of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, Kotomine captured her and attempted to use her body as a subject to offer unto the Holy Grail.
  • Frank Castle - A character from Marvel Comics who debuted in Monokuma Rising. The two of them had sort of a mutual understanding of the notion of killing, seemingly willing to kill all the fellow survivors, as if it was the easiest way to defeat the traitors. Frank worked alongside Kotomine, Robin, Erika, and others. However, their relationship has turned somewhat sour as of Coalition Headquarters, but nonetheless, Frank had grown close enough to Rin to accompany her and Kotomine back to their home world. They became bitter enemies by the end of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon.
  • Pretty Boy - An antagonist from the manga Undying Love who also appeared in Monokuma Rising. Though they weren't exactly close to each other, they both acknowledge they are similar in the fact that they enjoy ruining love lives of others, as though united by sadism. Pretty Boy grew to hate Kotomine after the priest voted off Yang Xiao Long, and was about to kill him, before Kotomine met his untimely end prematurely at the hands of another participant.
  • Funny Valentine - The primary antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run who also debuted in Monokuma Rising. He and Kotomine fought as allies in the early stages of the Monokuma Incident, and was later accused of being a traitor by the priest, though he managed to escape suspicion before he was voted off.
  • Ciel - A major character from Tsukihime who officially debuted in The Reapers' Game. Though they don't personally know each other very well, Kotomine and Ciel are both esteemed Executors of the Church. Kotomine seemed to highly regard Ciel's abilities, enough to recommend that she investigate the case of the Arch Demon.
  • Kiritsugu Emiya - The protagonist of Fate/Zero. The two of them were arch-rivals during the events of Fate/Zero, but they were also essentially two sides of the same coin. The only emotion Emiya could feel was the hope that he was doing work that saved others, while the other emotion Kotomine could feel was the joy in spreading despair, which is ironic, considering Emiya's work as a mercenary and Kotomine's occupation as a priest. It should be noted that neither of the two incarnations of Kiritsugu that appeared in the Convergence Series hail from the Type-Moon Alpha world as Kotomine does.
  • Rin Tohsaka - A major character in Fate/stay night who officially debuted in The Ultimate Game. Kotomine was mentored in his youth by Rin's father, Tokiomi Tohsaka, and worked alongside him in the Fourth Holy Grail War, before treacherously murdering Tokiomi during the War. Following the War, Kotomine came to mentor Rin as a young mage, even as the latter grew to hate Kotomine even without knowing he'd killed her father.
  • Chris Redfield - A major protagonist of Resident Evil who debuted in Fusion. The two of them were allies during the Fuse Incident, assigned by the Coalition together to investigate and subsequently prevent the spread of the Arch Demon's influence.
  • Cú Chulainn - A supporting character from Fate/stay night who debuted in Illusion Breaker. Kotomine is the Master of Lancer in the Fifth Holy Grail War, though Lancer harbors disdain for Kotomine, as the priest had not actually summoned Cú Chulainn, but instead maimed the original Master, Bazett Fraga McRemitz, and took her place as Lancer's Master instead.
  • Gilgamesh - An antagonist from Fate/stay night who debuted in Monokuma Rising. Gilgamesh was initially summoned in the Fourth Holy Grail War by Tokiomi Tohsaka, but as Gilgamesh found Tokiomi dull and boring, he convinced Kotomine to accept his true evil self. As a result, Kotomine murdered Tokiomi and formed a contract to become Gilgamesh's new Master after Kotomine's own Servant had died as well earlier in the War. As the two of them survived without winning the War, the two of them came to co-exist peacefully together over the following ten years, until Gilgamesh is forced to oppose Kotomine during the events of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon.
  • Caren Hortensia - A character from Fate/hollow ataraxia. Though Caren never officially appears in the Convergence Series, an illusion of her conjured by Night of Wallachia appeared in Right Hand of the Crimson Moon and Time Squad. Caren is Kotomine's daughter, though the two have not met in the Convergence Series, and have barely met in canon, as Kotomine sent infant Caren off to live with her late mother's family, hardly caring for her in any aspect.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He loves mapo tofu.
  • Compared to when he was 27 years old, that is, when he appeared in Fate/Zero, Kotomine seems to have grown in height by 8 centimeters. When Kinoko Nasu, author of the Type-Moon visual novels, was asked if this random growth spurt was a side effect of magecraft use, his given answer was "Honestly, I don't know either."
  • His given title in Monokuma Rising was "The Ultimate Sadist," and his item of importance was the cross he wore around his neck.
  • Kotomine is mentioned by name in The Reapers' Game when Ciel muses that she intends to get back at him for making her undergo such a grueling task like a Murder Game in her epilogue, and also makes a brief cameo in Eden and the Forgotten People when he was mentioned by the Robin Tact Program, shown in his home world, sneezing as he was being talked about behind his back.
  • He is the first Survivor to go on to become a Mastermind.
  • Kotomine has received highly positive reception among the community, becoming one of the series's more popular characters until - and even after - his death.
    • In the first Award Show, which covered every event from The Ties That Bind to The Reapers' Game, Kotomine was nominated for Most Badass Character, Weirdest Character, Most Unusual Friends (alongside Robin Tact), Best Alliance (alongside Funny Valentine), Best Male Character Overall, Most Mentally Tortured Character, and won Best Male Character of Monokuma Rising.
    • In the second Award Show, which covered every event from Fusion to The Grand Hotel, he was nominated for Best NPC Overall, Best NPC of Fusion, and won Best NPC of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon. His death was nominated for Best Death, Saddest Death, and Greatest Moment of the event, alongside his climactic fight against Frank Castle. He had also won the award for Best Rivalry alongside Frank, as well as Best Villain Overall.
    • This adds up to a total of sixteen nominations, winning three of them.
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