The Neo-Tokyo Incident
"Three bombs in strategic places, and a large war began. No one knew who set the bombs, or why, but they were destructive. Society bounced back."
Game Number III (Illusion)
Status Canon
Saviors Abra Jinzonegen, Katsuko Nishio, Ken Fan
Saboteur Joan Jaffa, Tony Grayson
Preceded by... School Daze
Followed by... The War of the Universe

Prisoners of Hogwarts

Little Trouble in Neo-Tokyo began on November 2, 2015, and ended on January 29, 2016. The game was themed around various science fiction series, including Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Blade Runner. It was hosted by The Silver Paladin and can be found here.

Participants Edit

  • Abra Jinzonegen [Cell]
  • Akio Price
  • Bailey Dansford
  • David Van Tessel [Death]
  • Hanako Musoka [Asriel Dreemurr]
  • Hayden Cooper [Reese Chloris]
  • Joan Jaffa [Perona]
  • Jurikono [Frieza]
  • Kana Hanazawa
  • Karin Hida [Misao Makimachi]
  • Katsuko Nishio [Shiro]
  • Ken Fan [Yusha]
  • Makiko Haneyama
  • Meiko Seo [Mari Illustrious Makinami]
  • Miles Duchovsky [John Connor]
  • Tony Grayson [Rex Salazar]

Other Characters Edit

  • Annaliesia Adler [Luvigelita Edefelt]
  • Arc
  • Kellyn Ekaterina
  • Kenjiro Yamadera
  • Kim-Li-Chang
  • Motoko Kusanagi
  • Robin Aquilus
  • Shotaro Kaneda
  • Tetsuo Shima
  • Togusa
  • Toshiro Shiawase

Chapter Details Edit

Prologue - "Bright Lights and Loud Fights" Edit

Chapter 1 - "Rassera, Rassera!" Edit

Chapter 2 - "Knife's Edge" Edit

Chapter 3 - "Running in the Shadows" Edit

Final Chapter - "Requiem" Edit

Epilogue Details Edit

Afterlife Details Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In-Universe, this event is known as the "Neo-Tokyo Incident".
  • Little Trouble in Neo-Tokyo has received a lack of notable critical reception, but was at least praised for its concepts and ideas.
  • This is the first event since Into the Stars to be themed around multiple science fiction franchises.
  • An alternate name for Chapter 2 was "Mens Sana."
  • A scene depicted in the epilogue of the United Nations contacting the Coalition takes place a significant amount of time after the conclusion of the event. While the event largely takes place before Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, this scene takes place sometime after The Grand Hotel.
  • There was a substantial amount of content cut from the event due to time constraints. There was originally intended to be a job system with different abilities and subplots that tied into the main plot, and characters such as Motoko Kusanagi were intended to be more prominent.
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