Mawngrels lure humans into thinking it is merely a cute dog, where it will strike with its great crocodile-like mouth when humans attempt to pet it, most likely ending up in lost digits or limbs. It is a mix of crocodile and canine created by Umbrella.

Plot Involvement Edit

The Ultimate Game Edit

These creatures appeared as a part of the Arch Demon's forces during the event.

Characteristics Edit

Its whole head is like a hinge, so it has a huge mouth, which is lined with three rows of sharp teeth, the outer set mere teeth, yet the inner two are reminiscent of a mixture of shards of broken glass and rusty nails.

Being like a crocodile, if their initial strike misses, they may either be subdued, by holding their mouth shut, or outrun, due to their slow speed.

The larger varieties require more dangerous methods to defeat, as their mouths are too powerful to close, so they must be opened beyond their limit, removing their upper jaw in the process.

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