The Mira-Curtiss Partnership group is a company of titan proportions that provides thousands of products and services across the multiverse. It's name comes from its two original founders, Jade Curtiss and Melodia of Mira.

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The company's first operation was a hotel that acted as a hub for many different worlds. The hotel was once run by the Greil family, but sold to Jade Curtiss upon the founder's death. Eventually, Jade entered into a partnership with Melodia of Mira, who owned her own company that manufactured many kinds of sweets and desserts. Combined, the pair branched the company out into much more.

The group is known for their countless staff of Prinny servants.

In Monokuma Rising, a Virtual Reality system originally produced by the Mira-Curtiss Partnership was acquired and re-purposed into a training program for potential Coalition recruits. The program ended up sabotaged and turned into a Murder Game. During the game's fifth and sixth rounds, the Mira-Curtiss Partnership was mentioned.

It is known that the Virtual Reality system created by the group was made using stolen prototype plans for Eden, a program created by Elliot. Additional technology was stolen by Revan, who used the technology for his Revanchist while also giving some of it to both the Coalition and the forces of the Arch Demon Akibahara.

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