The Mother
"You treat mother with disrespect."
Canon Marvel Comics
Involved in... (Main) The Ultimate Game

(Illusion) School Daze

(Side Story) The Devil's Carnival

(Main) Monokuma's Awakening

(Main) Civil War

(Main) House of M

Role(s) Mastermind
Affiliation The Dark Presence
Current Status Alive
Age Endless
Origin The Dark Place
Occupation N/A
Mother is a major antagonist within the Convergence Series who originated from Marvel Comics. She made her series debut in The Ultimate Game.

Canon Edit

Mother made a deal with Loki, who helped her arrive to Earth-616 through a magical spell created by Billy Kaplan, who had a potential well of incredible power that Mother wanted to absorb. She arrived in the form of Mrs. Altman, the late adoptive mother of Teddy Altman, who was the person Billy was trying to bring back with the spell. Mother's powers allowed her to take the form of the Young Avengers' deceased parents and enthral adults such as the Avengers. However, her powers were ultimately limited and she could not pursue the Young Avengers.

She ended up using Loki's guilty conscience to lure the Young Avengers to her dimensions, where they used versions of themselves from alternate dimensions to get the upper hand on her. Mother turned their tactic around and planned to unleash the alternate Young Avengers on Earth, leaving the group with only the option to destroy Mother. Billy tapped into the power of the Demiurge, a future version of himself, and used the power Mother sought to destroy her.

Pre-Convergence Edit

Mother's true form is that of an eldritch, parasitic demon that resides deep within the Dark Place. The form Billy Kaplan and the other Young Avengers destroyed was simply a mere projection of herself brought forth by Billy's summoning spell. Mother, like most beings within the Dark Place, seeks both power and hosts that would allow them to leave and break through the Utopian Parallel.

Plot Involvement Edit

The Ultimate GameEdit

In a universe ravaged by the Arch Demon, the seal on the Dark Place was weak, allowing Mother to touch parts of that universe. During the event's first chapter, some of the survivors encountered a crater where Mother whispered to them. They then encountered a caged and diseased man who had gone mad listening to Mother's whispers.

Thomas Zuchowski, a high-ranking member of The Order, turned out to have become enthralled by Mother and wished for her to be free from the Dark Place. The survivors ended up killing him, needing to do so for Ludger Kresnik to transport them to the next universe.

At some point following the event, Junko Enoshima ended up encountering Mother. The girl agreed to serve Mother and took on the guise of another girl named Daughter.

School DazeEdit

Though she did not make an appearance during the event nor was she mentioned, it was revealed in The Devil's Carnival that Mother was the true mastermind of the event.

Mother used the event as a test to see if merely the memories of a being could be turned into real people and, conversely, then turned into hosts for the Dark Presence. The test was ultimately inconclusive as the Diver interrupted it and saved those who had been trapped.

The Devil's CarnivalEdit

Mother did not make an appearance in the event, but was mentioned by Daughter when the young girl confronted the Diver in the event's conclusion. Daughter declared that she and Mother were the masterminds of this event, but that it was merely a front for the true event. She used Mother's power in an attempt to kill the Diver, but the man rejected Mother's power. Daughter lamented that all they could do was wait.

Monokuma's AwakeningEdit

Daughter, working for Mother, was the mastermind of the event. In the event's climax, Daughter revealed herself to be Junko Enoshima and that Mother sought to break down the survivors and use them as hosts in order for her and the Dark Presence to leave the Dark Place. However, the Diver arrived and put an end to the event.

Civil WarEdit

During the event's climax, Solas used Junko Enoshima to rip open a portal to the Fade. Unbeknownst to Solas, the Fade had become a part of the Dark Place and opening up a portal to it called forth beings from the Dark Place. Mother appeared, attempting to make her escape. She used the memories of those nearby to create enemies to keep everyone occupied. However, the group managed to save Junko and help her close the portal, sealing Mother away.

Some time following the Coalition Civil War, a young girl named Eveline encountered Mother. Eveline was a bioweapon who had the power to infect and control living hosts. A ship transporting her washed ashore near the Baker household and the family took the young girl in. Eveline ended up taking over the family, twisting them to think of her as their daughter. Eveline's antics caused malevolence to grow thick in the Baker household, allowing Mother to touch the residence.

When Wanda Maximoff encountered Eveline on her travels, Mother instructed the young girl to take Wanda over. Eveline, wanting to expand her new family, easily obliged. Mother, through Eveline, had Wanda send out invitations to her friends and family in order to bring them into Mother's grasp.

House of MEdit

Mother, working through Eveline, was the mastermind of the event. Still seeking Billy Kaplan's incredible power, she lured him and a number of Wanda Maximoff's friends to the Baker residence. Wanda, being controlled by Eveline, took away the group's powers and trapped them in the Baker residence, which had become a strange mix of reality and Wanda's illusions.

Mother wanted the rest of the group infected and controlled, but Lucas Baker still held control of his faculties and used the opportunity to put the trapped group through his torture games. The resulting number of deaths still assisted Mother's plans, for those who died ended up falling deep into the Dark Place where she was in control. While Lucas continued to torture those who lived, Mother, in the form of Mrs. Altman, confronted the deceased, including Billy, and declared their power was hers.

As it turned out, this event was the culmination of the Diver's plans. The Diver had been the host for a seed that had been planted by the Demiurge, a future version of Billy, long ago. The seed within the Diver had reached germination, so the Demiurge possessed Billy and used the seed's power to banish Mother. He then pulled the deceased from the Dark Place, ceased Eveline's control on Wanda, and used what remained to create the Utopian Parallel.

Eveline, upset at Mother's defeat and the loss of her family, fled into the Dark Place to be with Mother.

Epilogue(s) Edit

The Ultimate GameEdit

Mother made an appearance in Arya Stark's epilogue, after the young girl perished in the final battles. Arya appeared lost in purgatory, first encountering a nightmare vision of Cole MacGrath, Arya went into the light, only to encounter a horrible, twisted domain. It was Mother's domain and she was beckoning Arya to serve her. Arya witnessed Mother's true form, a form so alien and horrific that it made the girl go blind, even as she was pulled away from death and revived by the Reapers.

The epilogue where Mother appears can be found here.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Billy Kaplan - A character from Marvel Comics who debuted in Monokuma's Awakening. Mother originally sought Billy's power and made a deal with Loki in order to secure it. Though her plans were foiled, Mother got a second chance when she had Eveline take control of Wanda Maximoff in order to lure Billy back into her clutches.
  • The Demiurge - A future version of Billy Kaplan from Marvel Comics who first made an appearance in House of M. It is truly the Demiurge's power that Mother seeks, for Billy has the potential to become that powerful one day. Billy tapped into the Demiurge's power in order to destroy Mother. The Demiurge, in turn, possessed Billy during the Eveline Incident in order to destroy Mother a second time. The Demiurge could be seen as the true enemy of Mother, for it is he who created the seal around the Dark Place and created the Diver in order to combat Mother.
  • Teddy Altman - A character from Marvel Comics who debuted in House of M. Billy Kaplan originally summoned Mother when attempting to bring Teddy's mother back to life. This allowed Mother to appear on Earth in the form of Mrs. Altman. Mother referred to Teddy as her son and acted as an overbearing parent toward him. She ended up capturing him within her dimension, but the Young Avengers managed to free him.
  • Arya Stark - A major character from Game of Thrones who debuted in Monokuma Rising. When Arya perished during the Arch Demon's Downfall, she ended up falling into purgatory and the Dark Place. There, Arya was beckoned to by Mother, who wished for the girl to serve her. Arya is one of the few to witness Mother's true form and went blind as a result of it.
  • Junko Enoshima - A character from Danganronpa who debuted in Shadow Over Gotham. Junko encountered Mother sometime following the Arch Demon's Downfall and was impressed by the demonic entity so much that she agreed to serve her under the guise of Daughter. Junko helped Mother mastermind the Carnival Incident and the Daughter Incident, though after the latter was foiled, it is unknown if Junko is still working with Mother.
  • Eveline Baker - An antagonist from the Resident Evil series who debuted in House of M. Eveline had taken control of the Baker family thanks to her powers as a bioweapon before she encountered Mother. Eveline desperately sought a large family and so Mother took on Eveline as a daughter in order to use her. When Eveline met Wanda Maximoff, Mother had Eveline take control of her in order to lure Billy Kaplan into her clutches once again.
  • The Diver - A mysterious character from Alan Wake who debuted in School Daze. The Demiurge reached into the past in order to create the Diver as a weapon of sorts against Mother. The Diver and Mother were enemies of sorts, the former working tirelessly to foil the latter's plots. Their rivalry ended during the Eveline Incident when the Diver reached the culmination of his purpose and became the Utopian Parallel, a seal on the Dark Place where Mother is trapped.

Trivia Edit

  • Mother's role is greatly expanded upon as it was in Marvel Comics.
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