The Astromech Droid
R2 D2
"An extremely well put-together little droid."

― Captain Panaka to Queen Amidala, referring to R2-D2.

Canon Star Wars
Involved in... (Side-Story)

Eden and the Forgotten People

(Main) The Ultimate Game

(Main) Civil War

Role(s) Survivor


Affiliation Coalition
Current Status Alive
Age 35
Origin Naboo
Occupation Astromech droid

R2-D2, or R2 for short, is a major character in Star Wars. He made his official debut in Eden and the Forgotten People.

Canon Edit

R2 hails from the Star Wars universe, acting as a supporting character throughout the films and other material.

A quirky little astromech droid, R2 has been through thick and thin with C-3PO, working with him through the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War, both of which lasted a combined total of at least twenty years.

Pre-Convergence Edit

It is said that sometime in between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, R2 and C-3PO came upon the Coalition by way of interdimensional accident. While waiting for a way to figure out how to return home, the two droids ended up staying a while at the Coalition HQ and ended up becoming embroiled in small part in the many multiversal affairs of the organization.

During its time as part of the organization alongside C-3PO, R2 met and became friends with an incarnation of the Doctor, who would go from his tenth incarnation to his twelfth incarnation over the course of the Arch Demon Arc.

It is unknown what R2's exact whereabouts were before being dragged into the Eden Incident, but it is presumed that he was spending his time in the Coalition Headquarters as always before he was separated from C-3PO and thrown into Eden against his own will.

Plot Involvement Edit

Eden and the Forgotten People Edit

He had fairly minimal active involvement within the event, but participated within the votes when able to. He notably allied himself with the Doctor during his time in the event.

The Ultimate Game Edit

R2 had been spending time with the Doctor, presumably at Coalition HQ, before being summoned to partake in the Arch Demon's Downfall.

Like before, he had fairly minimal involvement within the event, mostly sticking by the Doctor, but the two of them participated in the Traitor votes when able to. In the seventh chapter, he, alongside the Doctor and Emiya, met their untimely ends in the illusion worlds conjured by Claudia Wolf.

Civil War Edit

R2 makes a brief cameo in the prologue of the Coalition Civil War, with Chise Yukizome cleaning up some dirt around base that his trails had left. It is unknown what his ultimate fate is following Ilona's explosion that kickstarted the Coalition Civil War.

Epilogue(s) Edit

Eden and the Forgotten People Edit

Though he never received a proper epilogue, he had presumably returned to the Coalition Headquarters after the event, relaying what he had found in Eden to C-3PO.

The Ultimate Game Edit

R2 never received a proper epilogue, having never notably returned from Silent Earth. He was presumed to have never been revived.

Off-screen, some time after the Arch Demon's Downfall, R2 was retrieved by the Coalition and repaired.

Character Relationships Edit

  • C-3PO - Another major character from the Star Wars franchise who appeared in Fusion. He is R2's close friend and counterpart for a great many years.
  • The Doctor - The protagonist of Doctor Who who debuted in Eden and the Forgotten People. Having first met during their stay in the Coalition HQ, with the Doctor in his tenth form at the time, R2 and the Doctor became quick friends and even allied with each other when they were stuck in the Eden Incident. Later, they allied once again in the event of the Arch Demon's Downfall, wherein the Doctor was then in his twelfth form.

Trivia Edit

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