Robin Heroes
"Time for us to once again tip the scales of fate!"
Canon Fire Emblem
Involved in... (Main)

Monokuma Rising

(Main) Right Hand of the Crimson Moon

(Main) When the Corpses Cry

Role(s) Survivor


Affiliation Coalition
Current Status Alive
Age 20 years old
Origin Plegia
Occupation Tactician

Robin Tact is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening. He made his debut in Monokuma Rising.

Canon Edit

Robin is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening.

He was the son of the cult leader Validar, genetically bred to act as the physical vessel of the dark god Grima. However, allying himself with Chrom, Exalt of the halidom of Ylisse, the young tactician led the attack to defeat the weakened form of Grima once and for all. Sacrificing himself to destroy the god, Robin found himself in the fourth Murder Game.

Robin also led the campaigns to defeat the Mad King of Plegia and to liberate the continent of Valm from the conqueror Walhart.

Pre-Convergence Edit

It is unknown what Robin's exact whereabouts were before the events of Monokuma Rising, but it is believed that he is taken from after the events of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Plot Involvement Edit

Monokuma Rising Edit

Robin was highly involved in the events of the Monokuma Incident, working with individuals such as his eventual love interest Erika Furudo and friend by necessity Kirei Kotomine to discover the traitors among the group. However, Robin admits that he was the least effective of the group, having caused the death of Lilia during the first round by accidentally throwing suspicion off the Traitor, Natsu Dragneel. This was when he made the acquaintanceship of both the priest Kotomine and the detective Erika. At first, Robin and Erika disliked each other as Erika viewed him as suspicious and cast a vote against him.

During the second round, he worked with Don Collier, the dark sorceress Wuya, and the boy genius Jack Spicer to explore the mall they found themselves in for weapons. However, he did not cast a vote as he was scared of the possibility of repeating the mistake of the first round.

In the warehouse of the third round, Robin stepped up to defend Erika from the accusations of Yang, another survivor. While Robin did not agree with the vote by Erika that killed Yang's sister Ruby, he argued that attacking the detective would only splinter the group further into separate groups. Eventually, he cast a vote against Arya Stark, a move he regretted once it was revealed she was an innocent. This was also the round where his relationships with Wuya and Jack were damaged almost beyond repair due to the Showdown the sorceress forced him and Erika to take par tin.

During the fourth round, Robin began a romantic relationship with Erika as they began to explore the town they found themselves in.

Eden and the Forgotten People Edit

Though he was not directly involved with the events of the Murder Game, the data that was acquired from his time within the virtual reality in Monokuma Rising was used to create an AI clone of him that went go on to appear within Eden.

Right Hand of the Crimson Moon Edit

Though not much is known about his exact whereabouts, it is assumed through his dialogue that he was living his ordinary life peacefully, and was even about to stop by and pay a visit to his love, Erika Furudo, before the events of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon.

He was a notable figure in the event, participating in the afterlife plot for most of the event. Along with Minato Arisato, he was the second death of the event, murdered by Pyro. Within the afterlife plot, he and Minato awakened in the basement of the Matou Residence alongside Illyasviel von Einzbern. After a brief talk with their captive, a man named Zouken Matou who claimed to have made an alliance with Fiamma of the Right, they soon enough were set free by Zouken's granddaughter, Sakura.

After a number of encounters and puzzle-solving, Robin and the others managed to escape the residence, only to find themselves coming directly face to face with Fiamma of the Right himself. Before they were able to attack him, the magician acted first, using the power of the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon to teleport them into Academy City. There, the group found themselves saving Shiage Hamazura, a teenager looking for his girlfriend, from a group of assassins, sent by Aleister Crowley unbeknownst to them. After helping Hamazura find his girlfriend, they suddenly found themselves being chased by a crazed woman named Shizuri Mugino, determined for personal reasons to kill Hamazura, though they were able to escape her wrath, and Academy City itself, via fighter jet.

However, they were not able to make it very far before their vehicles were shot down by unknown hostile forces. When Robin and the others woke up again, now accompanied by the next murder victim, Frank Castle, they found themselves being held captive by a young man named Teitoku Kakine, who claimed that he was under orders to stop them from defeating Fiamma of the Right. From there, just as Kakine left to report the latest happenings, his guards were suddenly taken down and the group was freed by a strange man named Kouma Kishima, who provided them with shelter for a night, before sending them off on their way.

While traveling through the forest in an attempt to return to the main group, Illya's body, affected by the power of the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, exhibited side effects, like being able to send others back to the main group. She used this power to send Frank Castle back to the main group, but a side effect emerged that would suddenly result in her, Robin, and Minato ending up in England, crashing into a dormitory where Kaori Kanzaki and a number of other women happened to be living in. There, they, alongside the next murder victim, Kirby, spent some time under their care, before Angra Mainyu suddenly appear and attack them. The event triggered another opportunity to return to the main group when Illya's body exhibited side effects of the Right Hand of the Crimson Moon again, and with that, they ended up on the distant outskirts of Misaki Town.

There, after a brief run-in with Shiki Tohno and Aoko Aozaki, the former of the two guided them into town and reunite with the rest of the group, where they took a small breather, before continuing to travel with Illya to acquire the Dress of Heaven, this time accompanied by other participants such as Ryner Lute, Frank Castle, Shiki Tohno, Erika Furudo, and eventually, Gilgamesh.

Traveling from Misaki Town back to Fuyuki City, they bumped into a woman named Touko Aozaki, who revealed herself to be a puppet maker, and was the one who had been reviving those who perished over the course on the Murder Game, on the request of Kirei Kotomine, oddly enough. After being sent on their way, Robin and the group eventually reached Einzbern Castle, but were impeded by Teitoku Kakine, who engaged them in combat, though he was promptly defeated before long. With that, the group was transported by Illya back to the main group.

Come the climactic battle of the event, Robin, alongside Minato, Frank, and eventually Erika, fought against Kirei Kotomine, who had revealed himself as the true mastermind of the recent Murder Games.

When the Corpses Cry Edit

He was a notable figure within the event, aiding the participants in their attempts to figure out the Traitors and defeat Beatrice, and mostly interacting with the likes of Erika Furudo, as well as his daughter from the future, Morgan Tact.

Epilogue(s) Edit

Monokuma Rising Edit

Choosing to be a reserve member of the Coalition meant to fight Arch Demon Akibahara, Robin spends most of his time with his lover Erika in her world.

Right Hand of the Crimson Moon Edit

After the death of Kirei Kotomine, he finally decided to return to Erika's world with her, taking her up on the date that they had promised each other some time ago.

When the Corpses Cry Edit

After the defeat of Bernkastel and Yukari Yakumo, the true antagonists of the event, Erika proposed marriage to Robin, to which he gladly accepted.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Erika Furudo - An antagonist from the visual novel series Umineko no Naku Koro ni who made her debut in Monokuma Rising. Though their relationship was initially a rocky one, amusingly enough, the two of them wound up in a romantic relationship, before beginning to officially date by the end of the Murder Game. Come the end of When the Corpses Cry, they became engaged to each other.
  • Kirei Kotomine - An antagonist from the visual novel Fate/stay night and its prequel Fate/Zero who also made his debut in Monokuma Rising. The two of them were allies in the Murder Game, working together with others to unravel the identities of the traitors and the mystery behind the Monokuma Incident. The nature of their conflicting personalities made their relationship a sort of love-hate friendship.
  • Morgan Tact - A character from Fire Emblem Awakening who would debut in When the Corpses Cry. Morgan is the daughter of Robin from the future. The mother of this specific incarnation of Morgan, naturally, is Erika as well. The two of them interacted quite a bit during the course of the event.
  • Lucina - Another character from Fire Emblem Awakening who also debuted in When the Corpses Cry. The two of them were allies and friends in their original canon, though it is heavily implied that this incarnation of Lucina is from a different world than Robin.
  • Frank Castle - Also known as the Punisher, he hails from Marvel Comics and made his debut in Monokuma Rising. They allied together during their first Murder Game together despite a rocky partnership (though not as much as with Kotomine), though come the events of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, the two of them had warmed up to each other a little, if only for Rin Tohsaka causing Frank to lighten up substantially.
  • Chrom - Another character from Fire Emblem Awakening. In their original canons, like with Lucina, Robin is a close ally and friend of Chrom. However, it is believed that every incarnation of Chrom that has appeared in the Convergence Series is from a different world from this Robin.
  • Lon'qu - Yet another character from Fire Emblem Awakening, he debuted in Right Hand of the Crimson Moon. Though it is noted that this Robin is from a different world than Lon'qu, the two of them remained relatively close allies during the ninth Murder Game, as they did in their original canon.
  • Donnel - Another supporting character from Fire Emblem Awakening who also debuted in Right Hand of the Crimson Moon. See above.
  • Henry - Another supporting character from Fire Emblem Awakening who made his debut in When the Corpses Cry. See above.

Trivia Edit

  • In Monokuma Rising, his title was "The Ultimate Tactician."
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