Saviors are participants of Illusion Games that work covertly to restore the memories of their fellow participants.

Description Edit

Saviors are often a disrupting factor in the illusion they reside within, and the threat of them restoring everyone's memories is what often leads to an Illusion Game occurring. The participants will often be led to believe that the Saviors are in fact an evil presence and that they must be eliminated. Votes will often occur between participants on who they believe to be these 'evil' Saviors.

It is not always clear why the Saviors gain their power to restore memories. In the first Illusion Game, it can be assumed the Saviors were born out of a glitch in the virtual reality system, while in the second Illusion Game, an outside presence granted the Saviors their power.

Savior List Edit

The following is a list of the Saviors that have appeared in each Illusion Game so far, sorted alphabetically and by each event.

The Distraction of the Falling WorldsEdit

  • Chandler [Carl Grimes]

School Daze Edit

  • Avia Taniyama [Alyx Vance]
  • Bryan Stark
  • Tom Swanson [Tom Hanson]

Little Trouble in Neo-Tokyo Edit

  • Abra Jinzonegen [Cell]
  • Katsuko Nishio [Shiro]
  • Ken Fan [Yusha]

The Day of Sagittarius III Edit

  • Darren Masih [Darth Maul]
  • Daniel Wong [F.A.N.G]
  • Luka Sinclair [???]
  • Ophelia Wong [Seiko Kimura]
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