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The Mind
"There was no specific reason why you were chosen, no method to which I made the decision."
Canon Dragon Age
Involved in... (Sandbox)

Chillin' in Columbia

(Side Story) The Girls Who Met Through Time

(Main) Civil War

(Main) Fighting of the Spirit

Role(s) NPC
Affiliation Independent
Current Status Unknown
Age Unknown
Origin Unknown
Occupation Rift Mage

Solas is a character from Dragon Age. He made his series debut in Welcome to the Falls.


Solas grew up in a small village, spending most of his life wandering the wilderness. Despite having no contact with the Circle of Magi or any Dalish tutors, Solas taught himself how to master his magical abilities. He's interested in the Fade, spending most of his time learning about what lies beyond the Veil rather than joining the current Mage-Templar War.


It is unknown what Solas was doing prior to his involvement in the Gravity Falls Incident, but it is known that prior to his involvement, Xehanort opened a portal near the elf, causing him to enter and discover the Fade, a region of the Dark Place.

Plot Involvement

Chillin' in Columbia

Solas appears disguised as a store clerk, offering Junko Enoshima a chance to travel to other worlds like she always wanted, and briefly interacting with Lincoln Campbell.

The Girls Who Met Through Time

Solas, wanting to use Junko for his own goals, told Junko to touch the Orb of Fen'Harel that gave her uncontrollable powers to travel through time called the Anchor, inadvertently sending her back to the time period of the Fiamma Incident.

Welcome to the Falls

Solas, at some point following The Girls Who Met Through Time, traveled to the point in time of the Gravity Falls Incident and helped Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Michiko Malandro, Hana Morenos, Lincoln, and Junko from a horde of zombies, and takes the group to the Fade. He told the group they must pass a test in order to leave. When the group succeeded in that test, he kept Junko and teleports the group to the darkness.

At some point following the Gravity Falls Incident, Junko separated herself from Solas and left.

Civil War

Solas appears alongside his partner Zaheer, showing up next to Junko and telling her that her journey was about to end. He explained that he placed the Anchor on Junko in order to open up a gateway to the Dark Place and "wipe the slate clean". He attempts to remove the anchor from Junko before being interrupted by Thor, who wanted to take Junko with him. Solas told him it was too late, and a portal to the Dark Place was opened in an explosion.

It is known that Solas and Zaheer escaped the explosion, due to their appearance in the Revanchist War.

Fighting of the Spirit

Solas made a cameo in the sixth chapter, working with Zaheer in order to add more malevolence and cause disorder amongst Ash for Jade Curtiss. It is unknown what happened to him following Ash's destruction

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