Poison Metal Idol
Shouko transparent
Canon The Idolmaster
Involved in... (Main)

The War of the Universe

Role(s) Survivor
Affiliation Unnamed Production
Current Status Alive
Age 15
Origin Japan
Occupation Idol

Syoko Hoshi is a character from The Idolmaster, specifically the spinoff series Cinderella Girls. She made her debut in The War of the Universe.

Canon Edit

Syoko is an introverted girl with a passion for mushrooms. She is also awkward and lacks communication skills, and often stutters when talking. However, her personality changes radically once she turns into her true idol state.

As an idol, she was in the care of her Producer, along with 11 other idols.

Pre-Convergence Edit

Though it is unclear, it is implied that Syoko, along with the Producer, one of the many idols that he had been managing, were transported to the Normandy, either out of the blue against their own will, or sometime after the Reapers had decided to attack their world.

Plot Involvement Edit

The War of the Universe Edit

In Chapter 5, Producer used the magic of Cinderella to enhance Syoko, Deemo, Little Girl, Applejack and Apple Bloom. Through the power of music, the former three were capable of summoning Sans to aid in the battle of Elliot.

She was partially responsible for turning the Final Chapter into a Musical.

Epilogue(s) Edit

The War of the Universe Edit

While she was exhausted from exerting too much power in Part 1, a week and a half time skip that involved her, Producer and four others meeting up with Applejack in Equestria had occured. She appeared to have befriended Rainbow Dash.

After a performance as requested by Discord, Producer scouts Coloratura and the six leave. While Producer, Syoko, and the others thought that they were heading home, they meet Sachiko Koshimizu in the world on Granblue Fantasy, where Djeeta, Lyria and Vee are searching for Sachiko. As the group runs forward in this brand new world, Syoko catches a photo of Applejack, her, Producer and all their "very best" friends, saying that she will be sure to see them again.

It is presumed that after this fiasco, the group and Sachiko return home to the world of THE iDOLM@STER. Part 2 can be read here and here.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Producer Kido - Another character from The Idolmaster who also made his debut in The War of the Universe. Syoko is one of the many idols that the Producer overlooks, and as a result, they share a close working relationship with each other.
  • Deemo - A protagonist of Deemo who also debuted in The War of the Universe. Syoko finds Deemo adorable, and sings tunes with him.
  • Little Girl - Another protagonist of Deemo who also debuted in The War of the Universe. Syoko cares for the Little Girl, and sings tunes with her.
  • Applejack - A major character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who debuted in The War of the Universe. She believed that the Apple Sisters were playthings, until the event came closer to its end. In their shared epilogue of The War of the Universe, they attended a party together at Rarity's boutique.
  • Applebloom - A major character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who also debuted in The War of the Universe. Same as Applejack.
  • Mirei Hayasaka - Another character from The Idolmaster who debuted in Restless in Rapture. Mirei mentions her a few times, and Syoko's guitar, thought to have been lost in time-space after the The War of the Universe, ends up in Mirei's hands. The two get along well as fellow introverts.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Syoko is 142cm tall, and has a BWH of 73-53-75
  • She has an obsession with mushrooms, to the point of cultivating them.
  • Under stress, she accesses a "Metal Mode," which is loud and boisterous as opposed to her usual quiet nature. And these events place a lot of stress on her.
  • Even though she is mostly based on her game counterpart, she possesses a guitar, which has only been shown to be used by her anime counterpart.
  • She caught a cold during the Mirei's prologue in Restless in Rapture.
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