Ultimate Tantrum
"I didn't say you could touch me, what the hell?! I'll make you pay for that, meow, pay, pay, pay!! I'll crush you and her, and that weird little bug-thing, too, mrow!"
Canon Shattered Angels
Involved in... (Main)

Monokuma's Awakening

(Main) A Night in Terror Town

Role(s) Survivor
Affiliation Independent
Current Status Alive
Age Teens
Origin Academia
Occupation Absolute Angel

Tarlotte of the Aligned Planets is a minor antagonist from Shattered Angels. She made her debut in Monokuma's Awakening.

Canon Edit

The semi-partner - though, more like abuser - of Sōjirō Ayanokōji, Tarlotte is one of four Absolute Angels. Horribly mistreated, she was accepted and cared for by only one person, ever - Sōjirō. Since then, she roped the poor man- who, going by the bases set by the other Absolute Angels and their partners, should have been her master -into her countless childish shenanigans, often wreaking havoc wherever she goes. Particularly, she has it out for Kuu Shiratori, Setsuna, and Kyoshiro, who interrupted one of her bouts of mischief.

Pre-Convergence Edit

Before the event took place, Tarlotte was peacefully enjoying some cake she had demanded from Sojiro.

Plot Involvement Edit

Monokuma's Awakening Edit

Throughout the course of the event, Tarlotte caused trouble for a lot of people a lot of times, often going into fits of rage over arguably small things and attacking whoever happened to be close at the time. She attempted to punt an unfortunate Usami a large number of times.

A Night in Terror Town Edit

After the events of Monokuma's Awakening, in which an unknown amount of time has passed, Tarlotte found herself awakening in another mysterious incident. However, she played little part in the events of the incident, and was killed off in its early stages.

Epilogue(s) Edit

Monokuma's Awakening Edit

Though Tarlotte never received a proper epilogue, it is likely that after the events of the incident, Tarlotte returned to her home world safely.

A Night in Terror Town Edit

As Tarlotte was definitively killed off in the early stages of the incident, she never received any sort of epilogue. However, due to the nature of the event, it is likely Tarlotte simply woke up once killed off.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Jack Frost - A character from Rise of the Guardians who also debuted in Monokuma's Awakening. Throughout the game, Jack was likely the closest thing to a friend that Tarlotte managed to make, and was likely the most patient with her shenanigans.
  • Zinnia - A character from Pokemon that debuted in Welcome to the Falls. After Zinnia made a number of jabs at Tarlotte at the beginning of the event, she became a primary enemy of Tarlotte's.
  • Samurai Jack - A character from Samurai Jack that debuted in Welcome to the Falls. By association with Zinnia, and trying to protect her from Tarlotte's attacks, he also became an enemy to the catgirl.

Trivia Edit

  • Tarlotte frequently forgets metaphors and other phrases as she tries to utter them, leading to a long pause and quite a bit of struggle. Interrupting her or offering help during this often leads to a renewed fit of rage.
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