The 7 are dubbed thus because of their nature, for they are humans corrupted by malevolence who committed deadly sins. The Arch Demon Akibahara had rewarded these men and women with a place to live, and all the sin they could manage to commit.

Plot Involvement Edit

The Ultimate Game Edit

A number of these creatures appeared as a part of the Arch Demon's forces during the event.

Characteristics Edit

The Glutton Edit

Generally look to be fat, bloated beings, who eat almost anything that they can get their hands on.

The Proud Edit

Generally look to be vane, almost flawless beings, who tend to act like the mirrors they so adore.

The Lustful Edit

Are known to be the worst, appearing as beings not unlike a Succubus or Incubus.

The Greedy Edit

Are generally often golden clad warriors, but watch them, as they're not often willing to share without a trade up at your expense.

The Envious Edit

Are generally horrid little beings with huge sacks slung over their backs, filled with stolen goods. Often a good source of loot, but also a nasty pickpocket.

The Wrathful Edit

Are generally an angry bunch who just like to destroy everything, and know no respite from such activity.

The Sloth Edit

Generally just sleep, so they're not too worrisome.

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