A Colossus

The Colossi are giant, towering creatures that hail from Shadow of the Colossus and made their Convergence debut in Shadow Over Gotham.

Plot Involvement Edit

Shadow Over Gotham Edit

Prior to the events of the game, Bane was able to acquire an army of Colossi that aided him in his takeover of Gotham City. They served as his watchdogs in Gotham, controlled by a telepath in Blackgate Prison, and encountered the Survivors at numerous times throughout the event.

The Ultimate Game Edit

One of them makes a brief appearance when the Survivors reach an alternate world where Bane managed to take over Gotham City with the colossi. However, before long, it is defeated by Aoko Aozaki, who blasts its weak spot with her overwhelming energy.

Though they do not make any more other physical appearances, they are said to be guarding the edges of the city to ensure that no one comes in or comes out.

Characteristics Edit

As the name implies, the Colossus is a giant creature, towering above buildings and whatnot. Its skin is made up of a sturdy stone that renders it nigh invulnerable, and depending on the Colussus in question, carries a giant weapon, akin to that of a club, along with it. Though its size and strength makes it quite the fearsome enemy, it is not without weaknesses. For all its strength and size, it lacks mobility and speed, it is a fairly easy to read creature at first, but it is easy to be deceived by it, as it is a surprisingly sharp and strategic creature. As for physical weaknesses, it seems that the only way to harm it is to locate certain sigils around its body that glow blue.

Trivia Edit

  • The Colossi had originally debuted in The Watchful Eyes, but as that event has become retroactively non-canon, their official debut is now in the remake, Shadow Over Gotham.
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