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* Ruiko Saten
* Ruiko Saten
* [[Sans]]
* [[Sans]]
* Solas
* [[Solas]]
== Story Details ==
== Story Details ==

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The Girls Who Met Through Time

The Girls Who Met Through Time is a short side-story that showcases the whereabouts of Mikoto Misaka and Junko Enoshima throughout Traversing Aether, Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, and Civil War. It was written on November 11, 2016, and can be found here.

Characters Edit

Story Details Edit

Junko Enoshima is imbued with a mysterious, unpredictable power. The power to traverse not only through different worlds and universes, but also through time. This power is given to her by a mage named Solas, who seeks to use the girl for his own purposes. Junko soon inadvertently travels back to shortly after the events of Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, where Mikoto Misaka is seen trying to bake cookies with her friend Ruiko Saten.

As Junko interacts with Misaka, her power activates once again, sending Misaka back to her prologue in Right Hand of the Crimson Moon, her first meeting with Sans being re-enacted, except Sans recalls her, and Junko ends up in the events of Traversing Aether.

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