The Suffering are a race of beings that look, for the most part, human. They share the traits of humans, but have no mouths, instead baring a blank face, bar a pair of piercing eyes and a nose. They are souls who were lost in previous games held by the Arch Demon Akibahara, and have been twisted into these almost identical creatures. Sometimes, you almost swear you recognize a scrap of blue fabric, or a red hair, or even a scar...

 Plot Involvement Edit

The Ultimate Game Edit

These creatures appeared as a part of the Arch Demon's forces during the event.

The Rout of Ash Edit

The Suffering were present during the infamous Rout of Ash, commonly the most numerous of his forces.

Characteristics Edit

These beings are the most common beings seen within the Arch Demon's realm, being numerous and relatively weak, they're not too much of a challenge to deal with, given proper training and gear are accessible.

When enraged, they claw at their faces and tear a hole, which quickly changes and forms into a mouth not unlike a meat grinder, as a ranged attack they can spit these teeth, and emit a shrill, disorienting shriek.

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