Web Stinger is a mix of spider and scorpion, created by Umbrella scientists. It has stinger tails instead of legs, and can use them to cross just about any terrain. It is usually no smaller than an average human palm, but few have been known to grow to the size of cars, with the largest recorded being the size of a small building.


Basic Variant


Boss Variant

Characteristics Edit

While deadly, the web stinger lacks any real armor, and is scared by loud noises. It has a strong dislike of fire, and dry or hot places.Larger varieties have durable exoskeletons, and a hidden stinger in their abdomens that they use to impale their prey before eating them. If this appendage is severed or heavily damaged, the creature will drown itself in its own blood.

Their large, hidden appendages may also be used for reproduction, yet only the end of the stinger is used. It lays eggs inside the earth, leaving them until they are ready to hatch. When this happens, the nest is left alone after the spawn have hatched, which then proceed to surface from underneath the ground searching for cold, damp shelter.  

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