Princess Knight (?)
"I don't know what truly qualifies as a hero back where you come from... but I am certain that qualities that are lost can be regained and rebirthed, like a withered flower that blooms once more."
Canon Princess Connect
Involved in... (Main)

Calamitous Reprise

(Main) Right Hand of the Magic God

Role(s) Survivor
Affiliation Gourmet Food Palace
Current Status Alive
Age 16-17
Origin Japan
Occupation Adventurer
Yuuki is the main protagonist of Princess Connect and its sequel Princess Connect Re:Dive. He made his series debut in Calamitous Reprise.

Canon Edit

In Princess Connect, Yuuki is introduced as a faceless, first-person character who meets a mysterious woman who forces him into the virtual world of the game Legends of Astrum. At first, he finds difficulty in logging out and meets many girls on his adventures, finding himself with the special class Princess Knight.

In Princess Connect Re:Dive, he gets anmesia in the events of the prologue and Legends of Astrum gets transformed into a world where all who played it perceive it as the only world they ever had. He aims to regain his memory with allies, both new and old, by his side. He mainly hangs around Kokkoro, Pecorine & Kyaru, and forms the guild Gourmet Food Palace with them.

Pre-Convergence Edit

He is shopping with Kokkoro before getting absorbed into the event. Timeline-wise, it is likely early into the events of Princess Connect Re:Dive.

Plot Involvement Edit

Calamitous Reprise Edit

Yuuki, along with Kokkoro, was a fairly prominently active figure within the event, consistently participating in the Traitor votes, the two of them even leading the vote against Wakaba Nogi after the murder of Teruteru Hanamura, and interacting with their fellow participants, such as Wakaba herself, Shovel Knight, and Guy Cecil, among others as well.

In the climactic battle, she and Yuuki initially fought against Clark Kent, even after Yuuki was killed by him in the heat of battle, having to go through a trial alongside his fellow deceased Agent 47 in a brief afterlife session, before just as swiftly being resurrected. From there, the two of them held off an army of coming hostile Guardians.

Right Hand of the Magic God Edit

He makes a brief appearance in the dead end as one of the many specifically highlighted as having perished (alongside Kokkoro) when Othinus used her newfound absolute power to destroy the entire multiverse.

It is believed that he had come back to life off-screen in the end when the multiverse was restored.

Epilogue(s) Edit

Calamitous Reprise Edit

He and Kokkoro return home to Astrum, starting off by walking along a beach as they have a conversation about what is to come in the future. It is also revealed that Yuuki didn't realize he was talking all this time. Yuuki suddenly princess-carries Kokkoro and runs back to their Guildhouse in town.

The full epilogue can be found here.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Kokkoro - A major character of Princess Connect who debuted in Calamitous Reprise. Kokkoro is a close confidant of Yuuki's, acting as his guide and loyal servant through thick and thin.
  • Guy Cecil - A major character from Tales of the Abyss who also debuted in Calamitous Reprise. She and Yuuki acted as close allies during the event with Guy.
  • Wakaba Nogi - The protagonist of Nogi Wakaba Is A Hero who also made her debut in Calamitous Reprise. Like with Guy, Wakaba and Yuuki acted as close allies during the event, even after the revelation that Wakaba was a Traitor, acting in the interest of protecting her close personal friend back in her home world.
  • Jin - a major character of Samurai Champloo who also debuted in Calamitous Reprise. Yuuki respected Jin very much and even protected his Windcleaver for him while he was away.

Trivia Edit

  • He is completely faceless in Princess Connect.
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